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How To Clean A Tent

9 June 2020
How To Clean A Tent

British camping usually means one thing; mud. But while many choose to revel in it, your tent certainly won't!

Keeping your tent clean can be quick and simple and is something you should try to do regularly. Giving your tent a deep clean can take a little longer but is worth doing every now and then to help maintain performance. A flysheet and inner tent free from dirt ensures that any moisture can be wicked away and evaporated quickly, so no water sits in the material.

These instructions apply to both synthetic and cotton canvas tents.

You Will Need:

  • A clean sponge
  • A small dustpan brush
  • Luke-warm water
  • Tent cleaning solution
  • Your tent

Step 1: Prepare the tent

Choose a warm, dry day - the sooner after your most recent camping trip, the better and pitch the tent in your garden.

pitch tent soon after trip

Step 2: Brush off any excess

Once the tent is pitched, you may need to brush off any excess mud or grass so that the surface of the tent is clear.

brush excess dirt off tent

Step 3: Prepare the cleaning solution

Make a solution of detergent-free soap such as Grangers Tent + Gear Cleaner  and luke-warm water.

Step 4:  Clean the fabric

Using a clean, non-abrasive sponge, dab any dirt and grime from the flysheet and the inner tent.

clean tent with non-abrasive sponge

Step 5: Dry the tent

Allow the tent to air-dry completely before storing away.

allow the tent to dry

Top Tip: For a deep clean of your tent you can soak the fabric in the cleaning solution, depending on the size of your tent you'll need to do this in a large bucket or even in the bath. Follow directions on the bottle of the cleaner to determine how long you need to leave it to soak and be sure to rinse it thoroughly before leaving it to dry.

Cleaning and reproofing your tent is something that should be done fairly regularly to help prolong the life and performance of your tent.

About the Author:

Charlotte Fish - Outdoor Expert

Charlotte discovered her passion for the outdoors in her early teens and has never looked back since. Her pursuit of outdoor activities has taken her all over the world but she truly believes there is no place like home.

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