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Mason Ferebee

As with many freestyle skiers, Milton Keynes local Mason started off racing. After a while his coach told him to try some freestyle to improve his overall skiing. Unfortunately for his race coach Mason enjoyed it more, stopping racing altogether at 11 years old to focus on freestyle.

Freestyle skiing is a quickly moving sport and the progression has been staggering over the last few years and Mason appreciates that as he tells us, "My main focus for the next season is improve my skiing by learning new and harder tricks as well as to compete." The UK has a small but vibrant and progressive freeski scene with the indoor and dry slopes helping to provide 365 days of training and practice for young freestyle riders to hone their tricks and skills.

You can find Mason most weeks in his local slope Milton Keynes, so come down and take the opportunity to ride with one of the future stars of UK freeskiing.