Compared to traditional wool, the Icebreaker Merino fibre is a fraction of the diameter which is one of the reasons why Icebreaker base layers don't itch. The large scales on traditional wool act like barbs against your skin. Merino feels like silk.

Outstanding Warmth: Icebreaker Merino clothing is so warm because of the millions of tiny air pockets in the fabric, which trap air and lock in body heat. Temperature Regulation: Your Icebreaker base layers can warm and cool your body by absorbing and releasing moisture. Breathable: With Icebreaker the fibres breathe as well as the fabric, keeping you dry and comfortable. Icebreaker pulls moisture away from your body. No Odour: The natural Anti-Microbial properties of Icebreaker mean an odour free undergarment. Good for you and for those around you! Warm When Wet: Damp or wet, Icebreaker still insulates, restricting loss of body heat at vital times. Bio Electrical Harmony: In tune with your body's bioelectrical fields, so no static cling.