workshop servicingworkshop servicing

Servicing Options

We provide a wide choice of services, all carried out with skill and care, ranging from a hand-crafted hot wax to the ultimate ‘Premium Ten Step Service'.

All you need to do is take your skis into any branch of Ellis Brigham, where the friendly technicians will inspect them and advise you on the particular level of service necessary.

Ten Step Premium Service £40

Ski Servicing MachineSki Servicing Machine
1.Full inspection by our certified technicians6.Stone grind to add direction, structure and gliding qualities
2.Base clean to cleanse the pores of your base7.Sharpen and bevel edges
3.Belt grind to exfoliate dirt and correct minor base damage8.De-tune edges under your exact specifications
4.Industrial filled gouges9.Hand crafted hot wax for the ultimate penetration, protection and finish
5.Fine belt grind10.Check, polish and pack

*Extra Ptex costs £5.00 ONLY if there is a lot of Ptexing to be done

Standard Service £35

Standard Ski ServiceStandard Ski Service

This service provides the same care and attention as the Premium but with a finishing belt in place of a stone-ground one.

Hand Wax & Edge £20

waxing a skiwaxing a ski

The Ellis Brigham Workshops use their unique power edger to bevel and sharpen your edges, and their hot wax system (always done by hand) to give your snowboard a long lasting performance wax. Speak to our technicians about any special requests regarding edge angles, temperature specific waxes.

Mix & Match

Ski edge grindSki edge grind

If you are keen on trying one of the steps yourself, we can do the others for you. By mixing & matching exactly what you want, we can provide the expert touch to all your home servicing activities.

Express £10 Surcharge (Wax & Edge Only)

Ski iron on a skiSki iron on a ski

We understand not everyone has time to wait for their skis on our normal turnaround time. We can offer an express wax and edge with a same day turnaround (when capacity allows) at the following stores:- Braehead, Castleford, Aviemore, Bristol and Milton Keynes.

Please ring the store to check availability and book your skis in for this service.