two people sitting under a lightweight tarp with a cooking stovetwo people sitting under a lightweight tarp with a cooking stove


After a year on hold, we at Ellis Brigham are celebrating the small things, quite literally. Counting the grams so you don’t have to, this season is dedicated to going lighter and further.

More than just cutting the handle off your cutlery, ultralight is a state of mind. Whether it is your first foray into minimalism, or you are a long-time fan, we are here to inspire and support you. From summit raids against the clock to backpacking off the beaten track, our lightweight clothing, footwear, and equipment will make your exploits easier. If you are looking for new routes to add to your bucket list, we’ve got some epic UK traverses that will get your heart racing, and if you need further inspiration, we’ve got The North Face athlete Pau Capell sharing his training tips.

For more ideas on where to head and in-depth guides on what to pack, our blogs and buying guides are chock full of excellent advice. Once you have perfected your ultralight set up, we want to see it. Tag us at #livebreatheoutdoors so we can share in your adventures.


Mountaineers on ridge wearing lightweight kitMountaineers on ridge wearing lightweight kit

There are many reasons to be weight-conscious when you are heading into the mountains. Ticking off a string of Munros in a day or aiming for a new fastest ascent; both are easier when there's less to carry. That's why we created our Mountain Light collection.

Summer or winter, mountaineering requires a certain amount of safety kit. While you can't always reduce the number of items you need to take, there are other ways to lighten the load. Shave grams off your climbing rack by choosing lighter carabiners. Or take an ultralight insulator to regulate temperature instead of multiple mid-layers.

On A Knife Edge

Photographer and mountain guide Adrian Trendall has spent years scaling Skye’s Cuillin Ridge. He reflects on what keeps him coming back.

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person hiking across a ridgeperson hiking across a ridge

Epic UK Traverses

Here are five other ridgeline routes from across the British Isles, from popular - but still potentially deadly - to extremely remote.

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A man walking on a ridge at sundownA man walking on a ridge at sundown

Ultimate Alpine Kit Bag

Ever wanted alpine kit that's not going to weigh you down while you're venturing into the mountains? Then look no further than our ultimate alpine kit bag!

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Alpine kit on a rockAlpine kit on a rock

Run Light

Running is a minimalist sport by nature, with so few items required, it can be tricky to save weight. Our Run Light collection has done the hard work for you. It features footwear, equipment, and clothing made with gram-saving in mind.

But why cut weight in the first place?

The marginal gains from choosing light can see significant improvements when added together. From 5k sessions to ultra-marathons, the less strain you can put on your body, the better. More than beating the clock, reducing injury chances, and covering more ground are excellent benefits!

Pau Capell running up mountainPau Capell running up mountain

Pau & People Power

Ultra-trail running is often thought of as a solitary sport. But there’s nothing lonely about life at the top for Pau Capell.

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Pau Capel wearing the north face clothingPau Capel wearing the north face clothing

Ultimate Trail Running Kit Bag

If you're looking for a new complete trail running kit then you've come to the perfect place. Here you'll find all the ultralight kit you need to hit the trails.

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two trail runners running down rocky trailtwo trail runners running down rocky trail

Classic Trail Running Challenges

Before the era of formal races and official governing bodies British fell runners were tackling trail running challenges, here are some of the classics.

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a trail runner running over rocksa trail runner running over rocks

Camp Light

hiker carrying backpacking kit on the GR20hiker carrying backpacking kit on the GR20

Ultralight camping equipment strikes a delicate balance between strength, weight, and pack size. Whether it's a multi-day backpacking trip or an overnight bivy, choosing kit in this category offers up some noticeable gains.

It is not just the reduction in grams that make the difference. A tent, sleeping bag, and camping mat can take up considerable space in your backpack. That's why ultralight equipment focuses on reducing capacity as well as load.

With less to carry, you can choose a smaller pack and save extra weight. Some use it as an opportunity to cover more ground at speed. Others enjoy the comfort that comes with carrying less on their back.

The Ultimate Camping Kit Bag

We've put together this kit list with a combined weight of only 3.76kg, including all the basics as well as a couple of extras for improved comfort.

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a lightweight tent pitched in a foresta lightweight tent pitched in a forest

Lightweight Tents For Backpacking

When backpacking you need a lightweight tent that can stand up to the weather, pack down small, but still offer plenty of interior space when pitched.

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two people putting up a tenttwo people putting up a tent

Classic Multi-Day Treks Across Europe

The GR20 might be Europe’s hardest multi-day camping trip, but it’s far from the only one worthy of your attention.

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scenic view with mountains and lakescenic view with mountains and lake

Hike Light

If you want to move lighter, further, or faster in the hills, our Hike Light range is the place to start. Innovative materials and clever design give comfort and protection without a weight sacrifice.

Covering the gamut of hiking terrain, look out for items that enhance your activity.

Tackling rocky summits: you want abrasion resistance and freedom of movement. Heading somewhere hot: quick-wicking, fast-drying fabrics are the answer.

Clothing, footwear, and equipment; all play a part in keeping you light and nimble outdoors.

Hiking trails in Welsh countrysideHiking trails in Welsh countryside

Adventure Is The New Normal

Yvon Chouinard, all-round outdoor sage, once said that real adventure is something that only happens “when everything goes wrong”.

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person trail running at sunsetperson trail running at sunset

Great British Wilderness Walks

People often lament that there’s not much genuine wilderness left in 21st Century Britain. But there is if you look hard enough and you’re prepared to hike for it.

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a house sitting in the middle of remote area of scotlanda house sitting in the middle of remote area of scotland

Ultralight Walking Footwear

Investing in lightweight walking footwear will not only shave the grams off your total kit bag but can also help reduce foot fatigue so you can go further for longer.

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salomon x ultra 4 mid boot on a black backgroundsalomon x ultra 4 mid boot on a black background

Bike Light

Bikepacking is a fantastic way to see more of the world but it can be difficult to pack for. Space is limited on a bike that's why ultra lightweight kit is key. Not only does it reduce the weight for better bike handling when on the move but it also takes up less space which can be limited on even the most noble of steeds.

Innovative fabrics and clever designs mean you can expect convenience as well as durability that you can rely on for those epic, multi-day rides.

bike with luggage leaning against a buildingbike with luggage leaning against a building

Adventure On The Isle Of Mull

What if my sleeping bag isn’t warm enough? How many pairs of socks should I take? These questions haunt Simon, right up until he sets off.

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man standing by his bicycle on long roadman standing by his bicycle on long road

Epic Cycle Touring Routes

Cycle touring is an amazing way to travel through and truly experience a foreign country. It offers up an enormous amount of freedom and flexibility.

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a cycle touring bike leaning against a burnt out cara cycle touring bike leaning against a burnt out car

A Bike & Bivvy

When Philippa Cox isn’t creating life-changing partnerships to support the fantastic work of the Youth Adventure Trust she can be found on her bike.

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woman on bicycle looking at countryside scenerywoman on bicycle looking at countryside scenery