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Tom Hardman

Tom has been been skiing for over two decades, starting out in the Snowdome when he was 4 and going to Heavenly for his first mountain holiday when he was 9. Most of his skiing has been in North America, around Lake Tahoe in California and Canadian resorts.

An all-mountain skier with a head for adventure, Tom started to do a season in Revelstoke in 09/10 season but it was cut short three weeks in when he collided with a tree at over 50mph – thankfully he was able to walk out of the hospital the same day.

Tom hopes to spend more time in Japan to further experience its legendary powder, and to experience the Tokyo nightlife.

Favourite Place:

Revelstoke, BC, Canada. "So much freeride terrain accessed from three lifts. If you don't mind a hike and an explore there is an insane amount of terrain and light fluffy powder, pillows, bowls and tree runs."

Tom Hardman skiing shot