Cotopaxi makes exceptional outdoor gear so that they can make a difference in the world. Their social impact strategy focuses on global poverty alleviation, and they strive to employ responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices throughout our supply chains. Adventure inspires Cotopaxi to see the world and make it better. That’s why Cotopaxi build gear that fuels both outdoor experiences and global change.

Cotopaxi Commited to the planet


Environmental impact starts with design. When creating products, the Cotopaxi team goes the extra mile to source non-virgin and alternative fabrics that are better for the environment. They're committed to making all of their gear using recycled, repurposed, or otherwise responsible materials by 2025

Cotopaxi B-Corp


As a certified B Corporation, Cotopaxi use the power of business for social, environmental, and economic good. When you support B Corps, you take part in a global initiative to do business in a better way.

Cotopaxi History


Davis Smith grew up throughout Latin America, where he saw first-hand the hardship resulting from unequal access to opportunity. He has since dedicated himself to using business as a force for good in order to address the inequality he witnessed during his childhood.

Cotopaxi Committed to people


Traceable and effective giving is core to the Cotopaxi model. They tie their earnings to impact by allocating 1% of annual revenues to the Cotopaxi Foundation. Relying on double-blind studies and proven methodologies, they are able to place the most impactful bets possible through their private foundation that works to fight extreme poverty in the Americas

Cotopaxi Fuego Collection


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