Spark Surge 2018 / 2019 Snowboard Bindings

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The Surge is built for big days on big lines and is preferred by Sparks bigger, more aggressive riders. Solid baseplate design, stiffer Rip ‘N' Flip highbacks, and more supportive ankle straps combine to give riders greater control in demanding terrain. For this season, an optimised snap ramp shaves weight, and the new Fusion moulded touring brackets make the whole system lighter and more durable while providing a smoother touring experience. (Needs Tesla Mounting Pucks to fit to the board. Sold separately).

  • Features Tesla T1 System anatomy: built-in climbing wire, 2-position heel rest, newly optimised snap ramps, and new Fusion moulded side-lock touring brackets.
  • Whammy Bar climbing wire: a single fatty wire with a sidearm lever for quick change high-to-low-to stowed.
  • CNC machined baseplates remain solid for max stiffness and durability
  • Features a stiffer version of the Rip ‘N' Flip highback for riders who prefer maximum response.
  • Pillow Line straps are lightweight, durable, comfortable, waterproof, one-piece moulded construction and made 100% in-house. Ankle straps are wide and asymmetrical around the boot for incredible all-around support. Toe straps are designed to be used as a toe cap but also fit nicely as a traditional strap across the top of the boot.
  • Ladders and adjusters produced in-house with unique thermoplastics that maintain flex over a wide temperature range.
  • Incorporates Burton's time-tested bomber buckles.
  • Tesla Touring Brackets.
  • Men's Surge Weight Medium: 1.49lb/ea (676g) - 2.98lb/pr (1352g).