Spark Arc Pro 2018 / 2019 Snowboard Bindings

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The lightest and highest performing binding in the world - made with incredible attention to detail and no compromises. The Arc Pro features the same great design as the standard Arc binding but tuned up with premium materials: Carbon reinforced nylon highbacks, full Pebax plastics, 7075 aluminium heel loops, 7075-T6 aluminium pivot pins, and seven custom-made screws and hardware pieces.

Pro series bindings can ONLY be used in Fusion moulded touring brackets, due to the aluminium pivot pins. (Needs Tesla Mounting Pucks to fit to the board. Sold separately)

  • Carbon reinforced nylon highbacks are more responsive, lighter, and stiffer than standard glass reinforced highbacks. Injection moulding allows for more complex geometry and improved impact strength compared to other methods of carbon fibre construction.
  • Full Pebax plastics in Pillow Line straps, ladders, and adjusters. Pebax is a premium material most often found in high-end ski boots as it provides consistent stiffness and improved toughness in cold temperatures. It's also 20% lighter than the standard material.
  • Tesla T1 System with 7075 aluminium heel loops are thinner and lighter than standard heel loops while maintaining the required strength. Spark purchase this material in a softened state, machine and bend it, and then heat treat it in-house to lock in the shape.
  • 7075-T6 aluminium pivot pins in place of stainless steel pivot pins for weight savings. The introduction of the Fusion moulded touring bracket allows the use of aluminium pivot pins, which are not compatible with our aluminium Tesla brackets.
  • Incorporates Burton's time-tested bomber buckles.
  • Tesla Touring Brackets.
  • Men's Arc Pro Weight Medium: 1.22lb/ea (552g) 2.43lb/pr (1104g)