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Simon Pitman

Simon's first experience of skiing was at the age of 10 when he went to Lapland with his family. He was hooked on the sport immediately. Throughout his school years he went on many ski trips and mountaineering trips, including the Welsh 3000's challenge and summiting 4000m peaks in both France and Switzerland.

As soon as he left school, Simon started working in outdoor retail as a quick way of gaining some money for his next ski trip. From there, he realised that he enjoyed the outdoor retail world and the people he met along the way. Since then he has been striving to increase his knowledge of equipment both off and on the mountain.

In 2013, Simon had the opportunity to spend a month in Montana, he trained with local experts, skiing off piste. This has enabled him to combine his passions of both skiing and mountaineering with touring.

These days Simon aims to get 2 weeks a year skiing, and whatever time he can find in the summer to go mountaineering and wild camping in Britain and the Alps.

Favourite resort:

Big Sky, Montana. "It's the largest resort in the US but very quiet and very friendly. The south face's chutes, bowls, and forests have some of the best lines. And it's the only place I've seen 30 inches of snow fall overnight!"