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Sarah Martin

With over a decade's experience on the slopes including two full seasons and and a BASI instructorship under her belt, Sarah Martin is well versed on all things standing sideways.

Sarah has been a part of the industry since she took up snowboarding and has been a part Ellis Brigham and The Snowboard Asylum for years, joining the team on the annual board test for at least five seasons, getting to know every women's snowboard we stock. She's a tough nut to crack, spending one of the board tests with an appendix on the verge of exploding!

She had aimed to get her dad on a snowboard, and she was crossing her fingers for some snow closer to home so she could ride in Pontefract Park, neither of those things have happened but she did get to go to Norway on a ski-touring trip with Norrona which some might say is a fair trade off!

She has recently got into climbing and is hoping to develop her skills and knowledge by learning from those around her.

Favourite Place:

Cardrona, New Zealand. "I've spent two seasons in Cardrona, it's got such a great terrain park and it beats spending the UK summer at home!"