Rome Men's D.O.D 2018 / 2019 Snowboard Bindings

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The D.O.D is unashamedly aimed at those freestyle riders that just love to hoon it. No matter if they're ripping up the park, blasting side hits or even charging groomers, everything is done at maximum attack. To handle that type of riding needs a very special kind of binding and that's precisely what the D.O.D is. Through the combination of V Rod baseplate with Underwrap heel loop, AntiShock 2.0 highback and Ultralight ankle strap, Rome manages to dial in the perfect balance of flexibility, precision edge response and power transfer, making this one of the most versatile bindings on the market.

Underwrap Heel Loop
The pop comes before the flex in this platform. Featuring Rome's original UnderWrap concept, this
platform features four points of heel hoop connection with two UnderWrap connections in the toe area of the baseplate. The result is a connection that drives power into both edges of the board through added leverage over the binding, while still maintaining the proper side-to-side flex and feel that snowboarding demands.

Full Highback Rotation
Put your power where you want it, not where some binding company thinks you should be forced to have it because it's cheaper to make a binding that way. Rome believes in highback rotation 100%, when they started designing bindings 14 years ago, this was one of the must-have features. With a range of 0 to 24 degrees, every Rome binding has highback rotation so riders can align their highbacks with the heel edge. This delivers direct power on heelsides.

D.O.D Highback
The most balanced flex profile in Rome's line, the AntiShock 2.0 highback is powerful and smooth at the same time, with built-in shock absorption. A team favourite.

Ultralight Ankle Strap
Super light, this model features the combination of an injected EVA pad and an interlocking TPU
support band down the middle. The result is a super comfortable mid-flexing ankle strap.

ConformGrip 2.0 Toe Strap
The ConformGrip 2.0 continues Rome's legacy of designing industry-leading toe straps. With this latest iteration of their approach to creating straps that conform to any boot's toe shape, they maximise their use of high-friction over-moulded material to stretch and lock into place over the toe of your boot. The results is more foot control with less pressure, for maximum comfort.

Pivot Mount Technology
Pivot Mount makes it super easy to move where your ankle strap sits on your ankle so you can adjust toeside response. Just loosen a screw and snap the Pivot Mount's arm into different positions, these are: 1. Run your straps in the LOW position for maximum tweak. 2: Run your straps in the MID position for a balance of power and freedom.3: Run your straps in the HIGH position for driving max power into your toeside edge.

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