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Pam Thorburn

Pam had her first introduction into skiing at 3 years old, from then she spent her time desperately trying to beat her older brother and always pushed herself to the limits (sometimes too far) and she's been enjoying the rush and skiing ever since.

Until now she has been mainly competing in a discipline called Skier Cross which consists of knock-out heats of downhill battles between 4 people over a racetrack featuring a lot of terrain and big jumps with the fastest 2 progress to the next heat. Her skier cross career has seen her win the British Ski Cross Championship and saw her qualify for the 2010 Olympic Games.

However, this year sees a shift in focus for her as she has her eyes set on the Big Mountain scene, "Freeride is something I've always been passionate about, the ultimate adrenaline rush". She’ll be looking to compete in the Freeride World Tour and we wish her the best of luck, but she still has her eyes on future Olympic skier cross races.

pam thorburn mountain shot