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We’ve partnered with The Outdoors Fix to bring you a series of inspirational podcasts that delivers exciting tales of adventure, endurance and overcoming adversity, with all the highs, the lows, the struggles and the triumphs that go along with those.

Hiker and journalist Liv Bolton speaks to fantastic women and men who have changed their lives by bringing the outdoors to the centre of it, and their stories and advice can help you do the same! There’s also practical advice about hiking, cycling, wild swimming and landscape photography to get stuck into too.

Laura Doling

Moving From Essex To Be A Postwoman In The Lake District. Jan 2, 2021

For those of you who have ever dreamt about moving your job and home to the countryside, this one’s for you! My guest in this episode is Laura Doling. She’s a postwoman in the Lake District, as well as a hiker, paddle boarder and wild swimmer. Laura used to live in a town in Essex, work in healthcare and she says she spent many of her weekends getting dressed up and going out. But after a camping trip in the Lake District in May 2018, she made the huge decision of moving her life and job to the countryside. Plans like these can often take years to pull off, but extraordinarily Laura managed to do it all within 2 months and by July 2018 she was working and living there! I met Laura at her new home near the village of Wennington in Lancashire, 20 miles from the Lake District. 

Oge Ejizu

Adventuring In London With Black Girls Hike. Dec 19, 2020

My guest in this episode is Oge Ejizu – a hiker and the London regional leader for Black Girls Hike, a walking group for black women. Growing up in London, hiking wasn’t something that Oge’s family was interested in and as she puts it, she didn’t see anyone like her in the outdoors, so she assumed it wasn’t for her. But a few years ago, a friend persuaded her to start going on walks together and then took her to Dartmoor. She became hooked on hiking. Oge’s now often found exploring London’s lesser known green spaces and championing the city as a place where you can still enjoy nature, as well as encouraging other black women to join her hikes and diversify the outdoors. I met up with Oge near her home in Enfield in north London and we went on a 9 mile walk together to Epping Forest – a beautiful ancient woodland on the edge of the city.  

James Rebanks

The Life Of A Shepherd And Farmer In The Lake District. Dec 5, 2020

James is a shepherd, farmer and writer and the author of the bestselling book The Shepherd’s Life and new book English Pastoral. James’ farm is in the Matterdale Valley near Ullswater in the Lake District and his family has farmed in that stunning area for 600 years. He owns a large flock of Herdwick sheep, some belted Galloway cows, pigs and chickens. In his new book English Pastoral, James passionately calls for farming to become more sustainable and nature-friendly. He speaks about how in the past 50 years, technology and fertilisers used on farms have had a hugely detrimental effect on nature and wildlife. While the outdoors has been a pretty constant feature in his life, James is now making nature and wildlife a bigger part of it.

Tolga Aktas

How I Moved From Electrical Engineering To Working In Conservation. Nov 21, 2020

My guest in this episode is Tolga Aktas. His story is one for those of you who are thinking of changing your career to be outdoors and in nature more.Tolga is a conservation biologist, writer and photographer who has just finished his degree in Animal Biology. His studies and love of animals and nature have taken him to Africa, Borneo and all over the UK, doing field work and volunteering on conservation projects. But his current life is a complete transformation from what it was a few years ago.Tolga grew up in south London and admits that he got involved with gang culture and left school with poor grades. He then trained to be an electrical engineer and spent years working in a 9-5 job in London. I travelled to Highnam Woods, near where Tolga’s now living in Gloucestershire, to find out how he completely changed his life and career. 

Debbie North

Wheelchair Adventuring All Over The UK. Nov 7, 2020

My guest in this episode is Debbie North. She’s an extraordinary woman who has overcome so many challenges to pursue her outdoors life. A passionate hill walker when she was younger, Debbie was diagnosed with spinal degeneration a few years ago, meaning that she is now in a wheelchair. But losing her mobility didn’t stop her determination to be able to explore the outdoors. She just found a motorised wheelchair that can take her over hills and up mountains! I travelled to Nateby in Cumbria to meet Debbie and we went for a walk in the hills near her farm house. I wanted to hear about the journey to her current outdoors life, her 190 mile coast-to-coast adventure in her wheelchair, and how she thinks the countryside can become more accessible. Debbie’s is a story of extraordinary resilience and determination – and the power of the outdoors.

Rehna Yaseen

Life As An Outdoor Instructor In The Peak District. Oct 24, 2020

Imagine getting to take teenagers hiking, canoeing and winter climbing in Scotland for your full-time job. This episode features our very own Rehna Yaseen – an outdoors instructor and youth and community worker who spends many of her days giving city-based teenagers fantastic outdoors adventures that they wouldn’t normally get to experience. Rehna lives in Greater Manchester but her outdoors role in based in the Peak District. Having only gone on her first hike aged 16, she tells us about how she came to be an outdoors instructor and youth worker, what it’s really like to lead teenagers on adventures in the outdoors and why she thinks it’s important that women like her are visible in the outdoors community.

Gilly McArthur

The Lake District's ice swimmer and rock climber. July 18, 2020

Gilly McArthur is a wild swimmer, rock climber, illustrator and organiser of outdoors events who lives in Kendal in the Lake District. An ambassador for the outdoors community Wonderful Wild Women, Gilly also runs the Women's Trad Festival for people interested in rock climbing. And for the past couple of years Gilly has gone wild swimming every day in January to raise money for the mental health charity Mind. She has even swum in lakes covered by ice! It's all a long way away from her previous life working in corporate business in New York. How did Gilly navigate her way to an outdoors life and career, why does she love ice swimming so much and how has the outdoors helped her during particularly difficult moments in her life.

Matthew Bannister

Walking around the UK for the Folk on Foot podcast. July 4, 2020

What if you could combine your passions into your dream outdoors job? BBC Radio presenter Matthew has done just that. Late on in his broadcasting career, Matthew has managed to merge his love for walking, the outdoors and folk music into his work. The result is his podcast, Folk on Foot. Matthew has been on walks all over the UK for the podcast, from Sandwood Bay in northwestern Scotland to Port Isaac in Cornwall and he's had some spine-tingling encounters with wildlife during some of his recordings. Why did he want to move his work outdoors? How did he do it? And why has walking been so important to him throughout difficult periods of his life?

Frit Sarita Tam

How a charity walk led to an outdoorsy life and career. June 20, 2020

Frit's introduction to the outdoors was by no means gentle - a 50km, 16 hour charity hike on the South Downs Way with no previous hiking experience. But it sparked a fascination with spending time outside and since then, she's consciously taken baby-steps (as she calls them) towards a more outdoorsy career and life. Those small moves forward have led her to taking up micro adventures after work, new outdoor hobbies, filming a documentary about a paddle boarding record and working for the Bear Grylls Survival Academy. She is also a British Chinese lesbian who is passionate about trying to help other people in marginalised groups feel that the outdoors is for them too.

Jen Benson

Adventure guidebook writing and camping around the UK for a year. June 6, 2020

What if you could go camping all over the UK for a year and write books off the back of your outdoors adventures? Jen Benson and her husband Sim are outdoor adventure guidebook authors, travel writers and long-distance runners. They have two children and outside of this coronavirus period, they travel to places like the Cairngorms, the Lake District and the Isles of Scilly to research running and walking routes for their books. The couple have worked tirelessly to create this outdoors lifestyle for their family and they've had to make a lot of big decisions to get there.

Ben Dolphin

Life as a countryside ranger in Scotland. May 23, 2020

Fancy switching up your life, moving to the countryside and becoming a ranger, like Ben Dolphin? Ben is a countryside ranger in Scotland, an outdoors writer and blogger and he's just finished his term as President of Ramblers Scotland. He used to work for a bank but a few years ago he got chatting to a fellow walker on the top of a hill and that chance meeting changed the course of his life. I wanted to find out how and why Ben moved from a corporate career to becoming a countryside ranger and what the job involves. I also wanted to hear what he learnt from hiking all over Scotland over three years with 54 Ramblers Scotland walking groups.

Sophie Pavelle

The zoologist and hiker who's obsessed with British wildlife. May 9, 2020

Sophie is a zoologist, science communicator, environmental advocate and the Youth Ambassador for the Wildlife Trusts. She's incredibly passionate about the wildlife we have in the UK and through her work she tries to encourage others to appreciate it and therefore want to protect it. How did she get here? It involved a 300mile hike around the coast of Cornwall! How did she get involved in her outdoors career, and why does she think getting people outside is more important than ever?

Becky Angell

From banking to hiking 950 miles across the UK. Apr 25, 2020

Becky Angell, AKA Becky The Traveller, used to work in a bank, but has changed her life to make the outdoors her job. In non-coronavirus times, she's usually found on hikes and camps around the UK, writing up the best walks and adventures for her popular website. Becky completed a huge hiking challenge in 2019, walking 950 miles across the UK for charity. How did she make the transition to a more outdoorsy career and life and what impact has it had on her lifestyle and mental health?

Alex Staniforth

How tragedy on Everest lead to a huge UK adventure. Jan 17, 2020

Alex Staniforth is an adventurer, author of two books and speaker who talks so well about how the outdoors has helped him throughout his life. Alex has been on some serious adventures since he was a teenager, including making two attempts at Everest. Sadly both trips to Everest ended in tragedy. In 2017, Alex completed his challenge Climb The UK, where he journeyed to the highest point of all 100 UK counties. How has the outdoors shaped his life and adventures?

Zahrah Mahmood

The Hillwalking Hijabi. Jul 26, 2019

Zahrah Mahmood is a hiker who lives in Glasgow. Zahrah is hugely motivated in encouraging other Muslim women to get into the outdoors and experience the physical and mental benefits that she’s felt from it. 

Rory Southworth

The trail-running outdoors addict. Mar, 2019

Rory Southworth can often be found jumping over tree roots on a hill run in the Lake District or hopping over rocks on a scramble. The trail runner, rock climber, hiker and all-round outdoors addict is bubbling with energy and is known for his love of a backwards cap.

Nic Hardy

The hiking adventure club queen. Mar, 2019

From one post on Instagram, Nic Hardy's adventure club has flourished. You'll often find her hiking or wild camping with 15 or more people in the Lake District. 

Emily Scott

Leaving full-time accountancy for a life in the mountains. Feb 1, 2020

Emily Scott feels her happiest in the mountains. So over the last few years she’s made big changes to her life to enjoy them nearly everyday. Emily used to be a full-time chartered accountant in London but she’s now a ski instructor in the winter and in the past few summers she’s worked for travel companies hosting treks in the Alps. In between these seasons she takes on extraordinary endurance adventures and in 2018 she climbed all 282 Munros in Scotland in under 4 months. 



Iona Rendall

The ‘ordinary adventurer’ motivating thousands to get hiking outdoors. Dec, 2019

Iona Rendall, also known as @iona.adventuring on Instagram, is a nurse who lives in Edinburgh. In 2018, she set up a walking group on Facebook and it's already grown to over 2,000 members! I wanted to find out why Iona began hiking and started her walking group, how its impacted her life and why she thinks she’s been able to motivate so many others to get outdoors!

Vici Fairhurst

How a trip to Snowdon with 30 teens and staff changed her life. Jan 4, 2020

Vici Fairhurst is a hiker who lives in Manchester and works with 16-19 year olds in care. She discovered a love of hiking in a rather daunting and unusual way. Last year Vici’s colleague set her a huge challenge: to get 30 teens and staff, with little or no hiking experience, to the top of Snowdon. That trip sparked an ‘addiction to hiking’, as she puts it, and it’s had a huge impact on her life. Vici is also a member of the Black Girls Hike walking group based in the Greater Manchester area.

Jess Mather

From the Himalayas to the Lake District. Aug, 2019

Jess Mather is a hiker and trail runner, has bagged over 100 Wainwrights in the Lake District, and has summited several high altitude mountains around the world. In the podcast, Jess takes us through stories from her adventures, and gives tips for others who would like to get outdoors more or do high altitude treks. She also speaks about a devastating event that has shaped her relationship with the outdoors. 

James Michael Forrest

Mountain Man. Feb, 2019

A lot of James Michael Forrest’s life and career is now is spent hiking in the hills all over the UK. Quite a contrast to five years ago. 

Stacey and Keith Wilcox

Stacey and Keith’s Scottish adventures with their kids. Aug, 2019

Having a young family certainly hasn’t stopped Stacey and Keith Wilcox exploring and having big adventures in the outdoors. They now take their sons hiking, canoeing and wild camping all around Scotland and have also just come back from an epic 8 week adventure in New Zealand as part of their shared parental leave!