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Why Kitzbuhel Is The Adventure Sports Capital Of Austria

Why Kitzbuhel Is The Adventure Sports Capital Of Austria
18 April 2018 No comments

In winter, Kitzbuhel is a world-class ski and snowboard resort that offers up a large and varied ski area with the aesthetics and charm of a traditional Austrian village. When spring arrives the snow melts away revealing green hills and a new arena for warm weather outdoor activities.

Skydiving and Paragliding


Take in an eagle's eye view of the mountains and enjoy the weightlessness of free falling or opt for a more sedate tandem paraglide from one of the surrounding hills.


people stood in a river

If you have a head for heights, exploring the local canyons (in the safety of experienced guides) is a great way to test your nerve and immerse yourself in nature. You'll jump into plunge pools, abseil down rock faces and slide down gorges in an adrenaline filled adventure.


a raft boat in a river

Go whitewater rafting as a family or group of friends along one of the nearby rivers with various difficulties available.

Trail Running and Hiking

two people hiking up a hill

In the hills surrounding Kitzbuhel there is over 1000km of trails to explore with the tourist office providing free guided tours along some of the more popular routes. So, whether you prefer fast runs along ridge lines or multi-day tours through meadows and soft grass pastures there is something for everyone.


mountain biking couple

Road, Mountain bike or Touring; whatever you prefer Kitzbuhel has you covered. You’ll find 1200km’s plus of winding roads to climb, 800km’s of mountain bike trails and various multi-day tours to ride. There is the option to get guided tours for all disciplines and you can even try out the new E-bikes if you are feeling a tad lazy.


A woman climbing

Whatever your preferred style of climbing there is a plethora of it to enjoy around Kitzbuhel. You can conquer the great heights with the safety of Via Ferrata, take it back to basics with guided trad tours or if the weather turns you can fine-tune your technique at the indoor centre.

Horse Riding

a grey horse

The soft ground and lush meadows found around Kitzbuhel are ideal terrain for horse riding. If you’re a beginner or expert there is an adventure to be had, all guided by professional instructors. And for your little ones, there are cute native Haflinger ponies; the perfect introduction to equines.

Swimming and Sailing

Schwarzee Lake

Schwazsee lake lies just outside of Kitzbuhel centre in an idyllic wooded area. The scenery and the water’s medicinal properties attract locals and tourists alike to relax on the shore and swim. If you are after more excitement you can rent a sailboat or SUP and explore the lake, have a game of beach volleyball or let the kids loose on the water slides. The lake also plays hosts for first stage of the annual triathlon.

For more information on what Kitzbuhel has to offer over summer take look at their tourist board.