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What To Pack For A Ski Holiday

What To Pack For A Ski Holiday
20 November 2017 No comments

Every airline places a weight limit on hold and carry-on luggage, so it's important to make the most of the allowance you get when you're headed for the slopes. Eliminating bits and bobs that won't get worn or used is going to avoid excess Kg fees, make it easier to carry your gear and even leave some room for souvenirs (or duty-free).

This checklist of ski holiday essentials should make it that bit easier to decide what to pack.

What do I need to pack for a ski holiday?

Ski Equipment 
  • Helmet: a well-fitting helmet protects your head and keeps you warm.
  • Beanie: can be worn under your helmet if the weather is very cold.
  • Goggles: protect your eyes from UV rays and adverse weather conditions.
  • Gloves Or Mittens: a pair of waterproof and breathable gloves ensure your hands stay warm and comfortable. Gloves allow for intricate movements whilst mittens provide more warmth.
  • Ski Socks (merino wool) x2: stops your feet from getting sweaty - wicking away moisture and minimising smells.
  • Base Layer Top (merino) x2: helps to regulate your temperature, keeping you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.
  • Base Layer Pants (merino): trapping air between the coil like fibres, merino wool keeps you warm on frosty mornings.
  • Mid layer Or Fleece: this extra layer traps air between your outer jacket and base layer providing more insulation.
  • Neck Warmer: protects your face and neck from windburn, the sun, and snow. Wear it in the morning when it's chilly - once it's lunchtime, fold it up and put it in your pocket until the late afternoon when it starts to get cold again.
  • Ski Jacket: whether you get a lightweight shell or an insulated down jacket - it should keep you dry and comfortable.
  • Ski Pants: a solid pair of waterproof and breathable ski pants is worth investing in.

Mountain Clothes

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Ski Holiday Extras

  • Tablet: load up some films, TV series or some games and you will be halfway there to keeping the kids entertained on a journey. Once at your destination almost all hotels/apartments have Wifi so you can keep up-to-date with snow reports, emails and news.
  • Mini-Speaker: a Bluetooth speaker lets you and the kids play your favourite tunes and can be easily recharged.
  • Cards: Slightly old-school in the age of Ipads and smart phones - they never run out of batteries, are easy to pack and involve the whole family.
  • Swimming costume/board shorts: it may seem strange to pack your swimming gear for a cold destination but most big resorts have a public swimming pool. If not, it's worth contacting larger hotels to see if you can pay to use their pool. It is a great way to relax after a hard day skiing and is also a handy alternative for whiteout conditions.
  • Mini Chocolate Bars: not the healthiest snack but a little boost of sugar on the hill can give you a pick-me-up when you’re getting tired and subdue a temper tantrum.
  • Sunglasses: around the resort a pair of sunglasses will shield your eyes from the sun. For complete eye protection when skiing we recommend that you wear goggles.
  • Travel Plug: a reliable travel plug is always handy for charging phones, Ipads and other electronics.

About the Author:

Pete Fletcher - Outdoor Expert

Pete grew up hiking most of the trails in the Lake District before being introduced to skiing. A decade later and you're most likely to find him snowboarding, skateboarding or making a mean coffee.