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What Is A Staycation?

What Is A Staycation?
4 June 2020

Staycation; the act of taking a holiday at home or in your home country, exploring the areas accessible to you within a few hours by foot, bike, train, car or bus.

While most of our plans for 2020 so far have been dominated by COVID-19 it’s worth thinking positive and looking ahead. As international travel is peppered with doubt, uncertainty and quarantine rules upon your return, use your holiday time to explore the country you call home.

This way not only will you likely have a little more flexibility to change plans should further government restrictions arise, but you’ll also be able to support businesses that might be losing out on custom from those travelling to the UK from overseas.

Whether you stay at home and enjoy a daily day trip like you would on holiday or you travel a little further afield to explore somewhere you’ve always heard good things about. There are so many different types of holidays to enjoy in the UK, so we have put together a series of blogs that highlight some of our favourite locations for different activities to give you some inspiration:

Walking Holidays In The UK

Beach Holidays In The UK

Film Holidays In The UK

Historic Holidays In The UK

Wild Swimming In The UK

Trail Running Holidays In The UK

Before you set off, however, it’s important to do a little research and consider Government advice to ensure you are acting responsibly and within current guidelines.

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