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Vertical Chill - Meet The Team

Vertical Chill - Meet The Team
2 July 2019

There’s an area of Manchester and London that is frozen solid. Maintained at constant -5C, Vertical Chill is an 8m wall of ice offering an experience unlike any other. The Ice Wall offers 1-hour sessions where you can learn to ice climb or refresh your skills.

The experienced team of instructors have the ‘coolest’ jobs and are united by a love of climbing and the outdoors - our Vertical Chill instructors really can’t wait to share the exhilarating experience that is Ice Climbing with you….

Vertical Chill London - Meet The Team

James Vertical Chill


I came to Vertical Chill as an experienced climber, however working alongside other instructors I realised how bad my “outdoor” technique was. There is no better way to elevate your ice climbing technique than doing laps up and down our ice wall in a comfortable safe environment. For me working at Vertical Chill isn’t just about trying to be the best ice climber on the planet, it’s nice to watch customers push themselves and succeed at something wildly different.

 Lorenzo Vertical Chill


I was born in Italy where my father still teaches rock climbing courses for the Italian Alpine Club. I've been surrounded by climbing my whole life and grew up to love the mountains. Vertical Chill has given me the chance to refine my ice climbing technique and become a more complete and knowledgeable climber. It has also provided me with the opportunity to introduce new people to the breathtaking world of verticality which I love so much. 

 Ingvild Vertical Chill


I started ice climbing at Vertical Chill in London and it has added a new and exciting skill to my life. It’s fantastic how it creates 100% focus and allows for all external thoughts to leave the mind as you climb. I hope to one day be able to bring it into the outdoors.

Vertical Chill Manchester - Meet the team

Sam Vertical Chill


I got into climbing by working in the outdoor education industry and started to ice climb for a new challenge. Vertical Chill is great because it gives people access to ice climbing who may otherwise find it a challenge to do.

 Cam Vertical Chill


Climbing became my passion through college, as it offered a new challenge and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Vertical Chill allows you to try new equipment, hone your skills, and practice for the coming winter season.

 Mo Vertical Chill


I started climbing in school and have enjoyed it ever since I started ice climbing through Vertical Chill and have done a few Scottish winters climbs since then which has been a great adventure. Vertical Chill is an awesome experience for anyone wanting to try out something different or get into a new type of climbing.

Experience the thrill of real ice climbing at Vertical Chill indoor ice walls in Manchester & London!