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Trail Running Tips

Trail Running Tips
7 February 2018 No comments

Image Source: Matt Buck

Bored of running on roads and fancy trying something a bit different? Had enough of waiting at traffic lights in the rain? You need to try trail running!

Here, I’m going to cover some top trail running tips and myths for first timers…

You will be slower

Running trails is totally different to running on roads; they will test your balance, strength and endurance. Every trail is different and you need to constantly adapt your technique as you encounter new obstacles. This will slow you down, don’t stress about the time, your road running speed won’t automatically transfer onto the trail. 

You’ll encounter hills

You’ll do well to find some trails that don’t at some point throw a tasty hill your way. Don’t panic, ease off your speed and control your breathing, walk if you have to, taking the hill slow will enable you to crack on when you get to the top rather than collapsing in a muddy heap!

two runners on snow

Image Source: Matt Buck

Look where you’re going

For the most part, when we’re running roads, it’s only the odd kerb we have to worry about tripping over. Trails will throw every tripping hazard known to man at you, roots, rocks, trees, mud, puddles, rabbits…Keep an eye on the trail in front of you and control your running so you can skip past, through, or over anything that could send you on a little trip.

Wear appropriate footwear

Especially important at the moment, where the trails are a bit slip and slide. Wear a good pair of trail shoes - your road trainers won’t cut it and you’ll look more like Bambi on Ice than Kilian Jornet.

Have fun

There is no better feeling that running amazing trails and enjoying our amazing countryside. Don’t stress about your pace and time, simply enjoy being out of the towns and cities and HAVE FUN.

Selfie next to a trig-point

Image Source: Matt Buck


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