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Trail Blaster 12 Race Diary

Trail Blaster 12 Race Diary
10 March 2017 No comments

The Trailblaster 12 is a running endurance event for teams and soloists who lap a 5K course over 6 or 12 hours. Ellis Brigham assembled a team (from our Manchester based stores) to enter the event in the Men’s 4-5 person 12 hour category.

Ellis Brigham Race Team

Chris, Rob, Tom, Andy & Dave (L-R)

Chris’s Race Diary

I arrived at around 06:30 for a 08:00 start, ready for a long day and expecting to get wet at some point. After I had got kitted up, registered and got some freebies (running top, bag and rice pudding) we talked about race tactics and headed to the start line for a quick pre-race briefing.

08:00 arrives and we’re off. I took the lead on the first laps followed by Tom, Andy Dave and Rob. The trail took us over various terrain including hard pack, boardwalk, short grass, long grass, mud and a small river.

A River

After about 8 hours the weather took a turn for the worse and the heavens opened. From this point on it was wet weather running till the finish.

As with most lapped team events, you can finish any lap you start before the cut off, even if it goes over the time limit. Tom started our last lap around 10-15 minutes before the cut off to complete the last 5km we needed to beat last year’s 130km. We were more than pleased with our efforts for the day and finished a well deserved 3rd in the team category.

I would say the event was run professionally and set up by a group of individuals who are clearly passionate about trail running. There will be a Trailblaster 12 in 2017, so I hope to see you there either solo, in pairs or with a team. Happy running.

Photos: Rob Evans