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Tips For a Stress-Free Family Ski Trip

Tips For a Stress-Free Family Ski Trip
19 February 2020 No comments
This month will be the busiest in 2020 for family ski holidays. For some, taking the kids away for the first time skiing will seem like a daunting task. Each day will seem like a mini-expedition as you try to get your kids into twice as many layers as usual, and then there's the rush to get them onto the slopes in time for ski school!
Because they have over 25 years of experience in arranging family ski holidays, we asked luxury Chalet specialist Meriski for their top tips on how to ensure your week in the snow with the kids is as hassle-free and painless as possible.

Take The Right Ski Wear & Equipment

Taking the right clothing with you is essential for a hassle free first day. Kids' ski gear such as sunglasses, goggles, layers, helmets, hats and children's ski boots that fit, are all important to buy before you head off. Kids can burn really easily in the sun and it’s easy to forget when it’s cold so pack a high factor suncream. If you’re skiing with your child then take a rucksack with plenty more layers in for them to wear. Chairlifts are where they will suffer most with the cold so some covering for their face could come in handy. Anything that prevents them losing one glove on the slope or in the lift is a great idea so the Barts gloves with don’t-loose-m-cord is very popular with parents. Finally don’t forget their feet – socks and boots are essential for keeping their little toes warm!

Family on a ski lift


Before you even get to the resort it’s worth researching companies who offer childcare. Either opt for a holiday company that offers childcare as part of the package or see if your resort offers it. For kids, the after ski activities are sometimes a highlight and they are sure to have fun and make new friends. Meriski has a dedicated crèche plus a minibus service to pick up the children from your chalet and drop them back after you have enjoyed your day's skiing plus private nannies who can come to your chalet.

Research Ski Schools

English ski schools are everywhere these days and they can often be a good option – kids may respond better and learn quicker with a good English speaking instructor. When selecting a ski school to suit you, think about the time and length of the lessons - kids will concentrate better in the mornings and for short periods of time so keep the lessons short. There is a high likelihood of your little one becoming tired quicker in the cold and learning to ski can be pretty exhausting with little legs so keep this in mind when planning lesson lengths. Our tip would be to check out New Generation Ski School in the 3 Valleys.

Be Patient & Positive

Kids learning to ski can be stressful for all involved. Encourage and be patient – the benefits will be instantly noticeable and you’ll derive a lot of satisfaction from knowing you had a hand in their skiing development. In 20 years time as they’re standing on that Winter Olympics podium (gold medal in hand) they’ll be looking back and thanking you for your patience and enthusiasm all those years ago!

Enjoy It!

Finally above all else ensure they (and you) have fun – let’s not forget they are there to enjoy themselves so relax and enjoy it!

family having fun in snow

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