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The Outdoors Is For Everyone - Dwayne Fields

28 June 2019
The Outdoors Is For Everyone - Dwayne Fields

Meet Dwayne, the man who thinks experiences in the great outdoors could be the solution to reducing violent crime.

As a product of the tough streets of Hackney, Dwayne Fields knows more than most about the devastating effects of violent crime amongst young people in Britain.

Dwayne Fields smiling

At a time when gun and knife crime dominates the national news agenda following a rise in reported incidents, Fields believes he has the answer to break the cycle and help curb the number of shootings and stabbings in UK cities.

Dwayne went from a London estate to an Arctic explorer narrowly escaped with his own life after a gun shooting and a near-fatal stabbing. He feels violent crime doesn't need to be cyclical or that the next death of a young person on our streets should have a sense of cruel inevitability.

The adventurer works with young people from inner-cities to show them a way beyond a life of toxic violence, providing them with safe and inspiring experiences in the outdoors.

The outdoors helped save his life, so why can't it help others? Discover his story.