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Staycation Series: Beach Holidays In The UK

Staycation Series: Beach Holidays In The UK
18 June 2020

Staycation; the act of taking a holiday at home or in your home country, exploring the areas accessible to you within a few hours by foot, bike, train, car or bus.

The term ‘beach holiday’ is often synonymous with thoughts of white sands and glorious sunshine located somewhere other than in the UK. Well, given the UK has hundreds of miles of incredible coastline just waiting to be explored, we thought it was about time to shine some light on some of our favourite seaside locations that are worth a visit whatever the weather but don’t always get the attention they deserve.

Porth Neigwl (Hell’s Mouth),

Porth Neigwl Beach

Credit: Tom Parnell

There are no facilities at this beach which means it seldom gets busy but it gets excellent surf with the full force of the Atlantic behind it. With 4 miles of beach to explore, just a short walk from a free car park, there is space for everyone so whether you are a surfer, or just looking to spend some quiet time soaking up the sea air you’ll love it here, even when it’s overcast. 

Bamburgh Beach,

Bamburgh Beach

Credit: Thomas Quine

For those who enjoy a little grandeur when it comes to scenery, Bamburgh Castle sits on the headline of miles of sandy beach, which is ideal for walking the dogs or relaxing with a picnic. Just off the coast, you can take a trip to the Farne Islands, home to a vast array of seabirds as well as a colony of grey seals that produces around 1000 pups every Autumn.

Botany Bay,

Botany Bay, Kent

Credit: Nilfanion

You might recognise Botany Bay as it is a popular filming location for films, music videos and photoshoots. Understandably so too, it boasts a backdrop of gorgeous white cliffs and is a regular on the Blue Flag beaches list. Lifeguards keep a watchful eye over the waters from May to September and an ice cream stall on the beach makes it a great option for families.

Bournemouth Beach,

Bournemouth Beach

Credit: Tiia Monto

The beaches at Bournemouth stretch a huge 7 miles between the coastal towns of Poole and Christchurch. The soft sands, warmer than average sea and Lifeguards on watch pair with plentiful facilities and beach huts available to hire to ensure young families are safe and comfortable all day long come rain or shine.

Balnakeil Beach,

Balnakeil Beach Credit Paul Hermans

Credit: Paul Hermans

One of the many spectacular beaches along the NC500, Balnakeil Beach is easier to access than many of the others and boasts the ruins of an old church and graveyard. Featuring soft white sands and clear blue waters just waiting to be explored, it offers some stunning wild camping spots with spectacular scenes as the sun goes down on the horizon.

Aberdeen Beach,

Aberdeen Beach Credit Daniel Lehermeier

Credit: Daniel Lehermeier

Aberdeen offers a vast expanse of sea and sand to enjoy no matter what the weather. Those who don’t want to get their feet dirty can stick to the promenade while still enjoying all the same views as those down on the soft white sand. From the surfers and dolphins, to the ships and trail runners, and everything in between, there is always something to watch while enjoying the fresh sea air. There are plenty of cafe’s and benches along the front at the main esplanade while further along the beach offers a little more peace and quiet for those able and willing to get there.

Runswick Bay,

Runswick Bay Credit Matt Buck

Credit: Matt Buck

One of the smaller, more rural beaches on the list, Runswick Bay is dog friendly and sits in front of a charming village with rock pools for fossil hunting at each end. A much quieter alternative to the nearby Whitby Beach and relatively sheltered making it ideal for peaceful picnics and leisurely strolls.

Watergate Bay,

Watergate Bay

Stretching 2 miles along the south coast, Watergate Bay beach is a favourable location for surfers to enjoy the power of the Atlantic in all it’s glory. It boasts consistently clean waters which are watched over by lifeguards from May to September while on the sand there are plenty of activities to enjoy, making it ideal for those looking to try something new.


Formby Beach Credit Alexey Komarov

Credit: Alexey Komarov

Formby beach is ideal for families and is maintained by the National Trust. The dunes are an important area for many different wildlife species including the Natterjack Toad while the woodlands are managed to help the native Red Squirrel population. The beach itself features a vast expanse of white sands with a gentle slope into the sea making it a safe option for families.

Dunure Beach,

Dunure Beach Ayr

A small picturesque beach with dark sand and shingle that sits between the harbour of Dunure and the ruins of Dunure Castle. It is dog friendly and the rocky outcrops are great for older kids to explore while a play park is great for keeping younger kids entertained. A nearby car park offers convenience and the popular Dunure Inn is great for enjoying a meal overlooking the harbour.

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