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SIGB Ski Test Day 4

SIGB Ski Test Day 4
28 February 2014 No comments

Even though the amateur forecasters amongst us had been predicting snow for Wednesday night and Thursday, we were greeted by more blue skies and brilliant Austrian sunshine at breakfast. This did make the off-piste pretty firm for the first couple of runs, but with such excellent grooming it was hard to ignore the pull of the corduroy to start the day's testing.

After some discussion of results and possible ranges the night before, we had a list of what we needed to learn on day 4. Most skis that were of interest had already been demoed by at least 2 testers, but it was time to put a few 'outsider bet' skis to the full test team and to also throw in a few unexpected skis too.

Day 4 is always an exciting one because the range does fall into place and the ideas that have been discussed start to become firm plans. It's also the day when we cast our nets a bit wider - for any of the brands that have been testing well, or any individual ranges, we'll start to look at other models that maybe we hadn't considered initially. And today we think we found at least one range that delivered way beyond our expectations, forcing a way into our line up for next year!

The pressure is on now though, because after today there is only half a day left. So by the time we leave the slopes we needed to pretty sure of what we were selecting. And this means for the fourth day running we have to ignore the pull of the mountain restaurants and hotel sun terraces, and can only watch the many skiers enjoying the warmth of spring sunshine arriving.

The night's discussion after dinner is focused on confirming everything we have been mulling over and testing for the last 4 days. We are now crossing the t's and dotting the i's. There are only a few small puzzles to solve now and the final task of demoing a range of very special handmade skis that we are planning on carrying next year – watch this very exciting space...

armada skis off piste
The range of Armada skis proved their mettle off piste.

powder stash, kuhtai
Despite not snowing for 3 days, there were still powder stashes to be found!

Sunny day in Kuhtai
The sun terraces of Kuhtai were incredibly tempting but we had work to do!

Hotel Kristall, kuhtai
Hotel Kristall in Kuhtai has provided a great base for the week.

All great photos courtesy of Marcin Wiklik.

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