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Servicing Serrated Snowboard Edges and TBT

Servicing Serrated Snowboard Edges and TBT
22 April 2016 No comments

With advancements in design and manufacturing technology snowboard innovations happen every year offering better performance and more fun on the mountain. Two of the most famous recent innovations in the snowboard world are serrated edges (the most famous version being Libtech's 'Magna-Traction') and Bataleon's TBT. We are often asked how we service snowboards with such features without damaging or wearing away the technology, so we thought we'd explain the process.

Sharpening Serrated Edges

Now plenty of brands offer their own version of serrated edges which have assorted names.
  • Yes - Underbite Edges
  • Burton - Frostbite Edges
  • Salomon - Equaliser Edges

Adding a serrated edge to your snowboard increases the number of contact points your board has with the snow. Normally your snowboard would only have two, at the tip and tail, but with a serrated edge you have multiple contact points. This creates superior hold on turns and distributes the load across your edge more evenly for better control.

From time to time your snowboard you will need the edges sharpening and tuning. The problem is that you don't want to flatten the profile of the edges, removing the benefits.

At Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports and TSA we use a Wintersteiger Edge Trim B Machine. It allows us to perfectly follow any edge profile; removing rust/scratches and sharpening the edge. The tuning process is then completed by hand for a precision finish.

Servicing Triple Base Technology

Triple Base Technology divides the snowboard into three planes: a left side-base to turn left, a centre-base section to go straight on and a right side-base to turn right.

The turned up side-bases make initiating turns easier whilst you keep all the performance and control of a traditional camber board. Another benefit of the angled side-bases is a sense of playfulness and forgiveness we have come to appreciate from rocker shapes.

In order to maintain the three different planes each plain must be individually ground.

We remove a part of the auto-feed machinery and grind the individual side planes then the middle maintaining the profile. After that the tip and tail of the board are ground by hand for a smooth blend transition of planes and greater precision.

There you have it, that's how we service serrated edges and TBT boards without damaging the tech!

About the Author:

Pete Fletcher - Outdoor Expert

Pete grew up hiking most of the trails in the Lake District before being introduced to skiing. A decade later and you're most likely to find him snowboarding, skateboarding or making a mean coffee.