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Preparing Your Skis for Winter

Preparing Your Skis for Winter
2 December 2016 No comments

With resorts around the world opening up for the 16/17 winter season it's time to check your gear is in working order and ready to go.

Four important checks to carry out before the season starts

ski binding din setting

Ski bindings

It is important to check that your ski bindings are in working order and that the release settings are adjusted correctly. After all, your bindings will save your knees/legs for injury when (not if) you fall.

Your height, weight, skiing ability, age and boot sole length determine what is your recommend release setting (this is often referred to as the din setting).

Kids and young adults can grow quickly in height, and I don't know about you but I seem to be growing sideways each year. It is important to take such changes into consideration, measure these variable factors and adjust accordingly to ensure an accurate release setting.

Check out Dinsetting.com for an easy to use release setting calculator. (You should use this website as a guide only - confirm it with a qualified ski technician before hitting the mountain) Please feel free to come into one of our stores for expert advice! 

Snowboard bindings

snowboard binding care

When not using your snowboard for a while you should ideally take your bindings off and then screw or slide (à la Burton EST) them back on when you are ready to use it again. If you haven't done this don't worry; it is worth slightly loosening the screws before tightening them up again before you next use your snowboard to check they have not seized up and are working properly.

Ski/Snowboard base

Have a look at your base for any white furry patches. If you find any then unfortunately your base has dried out over summer; it will be very slow and hard to turn with.

Pop into a store and we can hand wax your skis/snowboard to give them that brand new feel, or if you fancy waxing them yourself then we have an excellent range of waxes, irons, scrapers and brushes

Ski/Snowboard Edges

Having your edges in a good condition makes skiing or snowboarding a lot easier and more enjoyable. You want your edges to be rust free and sharp enough to scrape a bit of nail off yet smooth to touch.

Have a quick look over your skis/snowboard and see what condition they are in. If they have built up a little rust over summer or have blunt edges, bring them into one of our stores for a sharpen and tune.

If you're not sure if your skis or snowboard are ready for winter, bring them into one of our stores and let our expert ski staff assess your equipment.