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Our Top Men's Freeride Skis For 2021

Our Top Men's Freeride Skis For 2021
24 October 2020

Moving away from the piste, crowds and getting down challenging, natural terrain is what freeride is all about. You must have a set of skis that are stable and capable of handling difficult terrain. To help you find skis that do just that, here’s a list of our top Men’s freeride skis for the 2021 season.


Men's Ripstick 96

Elan Men's Ripstick 96

Elan’s excellent Ripsticks have had an upgrade, most significantly is the introduction of Amphibio Carbon Line Technology that places carbon inserts over the inside edges of the ski for improved grip without over-stiffening the ski or adding excess weight. The result is the same lightweight performance, just now with added precision and control. The clever Amphibio rocker technology remains, with camber on the inside edge and rocker on the outside, giving the ski excellent edge hold on firmer snow and easy manoeuvrability when off-piste. This the Ellis Brigham Freeride Ski of the Year.


Men's Enforcer 94

Nordica Men's Enforcer 94

The Enforcers are powerful all terrain models that strike an impressive balance between stability and fun. Other wood/metal skis might offer similar grip but they miss the energy of the Enforcers. This new 94 version is a versatile freeride ski that deals with anything from hardpack to powder days. The shape makes it feel like a wider ski in soft snow and the construction ensures it deals with pistes and rough conditions. Effective updates to the build, core and tip have resulted in a stronger, lighter, more stable ski that’s also playful and versatile.


Men's Kore 93

Head Men's Kore 93

The Kore 93 gives you the enthusiasm and confidence to push your limits and explore the whole mountain. On piste it’s light thanks to innovative design including Topless Tech laminate, Graphene and Koroyd, but without ever losing the surefootedness that other light skis might lack. The 93mm waist delivers precise handling on groomers and impressive floatation when you get the chance to venture into deep snow.


Men's Vision 98

Line Men's Vision 98

Line’s Vision 98 is a standout freeride ski, blurring boundaries between tour and freeskiing. It is seriously light but, thanks to THC Construction, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t stable. The design takes hints from freestyle and with the construction, it results in a playful ski that can charge when pushed. So, whether you just want a fun, all condition ski or a backcountry model that will provide descents with more of a freestyle feel than regular BC options, the Vision 98 is something different from the rest of the rack.


Men's Wailer A112 RP

DPS Men's Wailer A112 RP

DPS Alchemist skis use an aerospace grade pre-preg carbon laminate that sets the standards for strength-to-weight ratio and for this season have extra dampening properties to smooth the ride. The A112 RP combines generous nose and tail rockers with a 15m radius, giving unbeatable floatation, flowing turns and superb manoeuvrability for a 112mm ski. This isn’t some powder pig that wallows around pistes, the shape means it will cut carves with the best all mountain skis. It’s mix of lightness, precision and versatility makes it the most special freeride ski you're likely to come across.

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