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Our Top All Terrain Carve Skis

Our Top All Terrain Carve Skis
17 November 2017 No comments

All terrain carve skis incorporate a lot of the features you’ll find in a piste ski, with slightly wider dimensions for a bit more float and stability. They remain excellent on hard-packed snow while allowing you the freedom to venture off the side when it takes your fancy.

Here are some of our favourites from this year’s collection.


Absolut Joy

Head Absolut Joy
  • Radius: 13.5m (163)
  • Waist: 79mm (163)
  • Rocker: Tip

Tester’s comment

Andi (Bristol) "Graphene makes it super light yet stiff and responsive. Stable, effortless on piste and capable off to the side too. A real confidence builder with a huge sweet spot. "

As soon as you finish your first run with these skis it is easy to understand why we awarded them our ‘best in category’ for Women’s All Terrain Carve skis.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers, the ski combines performance and precision with a lightweight structure. The result is a fun and nimble ski that is easy to turn at low and medium speeds yet remains solid when travelling fast.

The technology behind this fantastic blend of characteristics is Head’s ERA 3.0 system. It fuses a progressive radius (easy turns and great edge hold), a hint of rocker at the tip (simple turn initiation) and a Graphene laminate (low-weight strength and vibration absorption).

Easy and simple to use, this is a ski that lets you enjoy the whole mountain while delivering more than enough performance for those who like to ski at a fast to medium pace.


Flair 78

Volkl Flair 78
  • Radius: 16.5m (173)
  • Waist: 74mm (173)
  • Rocker: Tip/Tail

Tester’s comment

Stevie (Castleford) "It's such a good confidence builder for progressing skiers. Torsionallly it's stiff for good grip when carving on hard snow but forgiving enough to skid turn when you need to."

Runner-up to the Absolut Joy in the Women’s All Terrain Carve ski category, the Volkl Flair 78 is ideal for advanced skiers who are looking for a powerful yet responsive ski.

A dual wood core, steel laminate and carbon stringers deliver plenty of power through turns and remain solid at high speeds. Complementing the medium to stiff flex is the ski’s small radius (13m). This enables short and snappy turns which keeps the ski agile underfoot.

In addition to the excellent edge hold is a traditional sidewall under the bindings and Marker’s four-point binding. The binding is mounted to the ski at four individual points for a natural flex through turns.

If you do decide to venture off the side of the piste then the rocker at the front and the tip and tail ‘cap’ construction add float, manoeuvrability and keep weight to a minimum.

A great ski to power around the mountain that gives plenty of edge hold and confidence to those skiing at faster speeds.


XDR 80 Ti

Salomon XDR 80 Ti
  • Radius: 14m (169)
  • Waist: 80mm (169)
  • Rocker: Tip/Tail

Tester’s comment

Danni (Aviemore) "I was amazed how good it was through a range of turn sizes and speeds. It's lively and powerful with effortless turn initiation and just loves to carve."

This ski was voted ‘best in category’ for Men’s All Mountain Carve skis. It’s the perfect ski for good intermediates to strong advanced skiers who are looking to try the occasional bit of off-piste but who still love fast and fun carves on the piste.

Inside the ski there is a full wood core, carbon fibre reinforcement and a Titanal laminate on top. This creates a responsive and manoeuvrable piste friendly feel. Add in a full-length sidewall, camber profile under the binding and CFX vibration absorbing carbon fibres and you get a ski that drives through turns holding a solid edge.

When you do head off into soft snow the rocker tip and tail provide lift and improve handling. The 156cm model comes with a 78 mm waist which is not the widest but works well enough in deep snow and keeps the weight to a minimum for a more nimble ski.

Brilliant on-piste and more than good enough off, this ski delivers something for all good skiers.


Pro Mtn 86 Ti

Fischer Pro Mtn 86 Ti
  • Radius: 16.5m (175)
  • Waist: 86mm (175)
  • Rocker: Tip/Tail

Tester’s comment

Alex (Milton Keynes) "It put a big smile on my face! Concentrate on your short swing turns at low speeds, rail it at Mach 10 or dip off to the side. It does it all."

Where this ski stands out from the crowd is its weight. At just 3.5kg it is one of, if not the lightest full titanal laminate ski available. Fischer achieve this minor miracle using their patented Air Tech wood core and Ti laminate. Certain sections of the wood core and Ti sheet are milled out, reducing weight without affecting the structural integrity and flex. Further weight saving features include the carbon fibre tip and tail which allows the ski to be thinner but retain the same torsion and the 3D Razorshape profile that saves another few grams.

Despite being light and nimble the ski retains a stiff flex with the titanal delivering a solid feel at faster speeds and the carbon fibre absorbing vibrations.

At the front of the ski, you’ll find a medium rocker that gives plenty of lift off-piste and a small rocker at the tail for manoeuvrability. The carbon in these areas, full-length sidewall, and a progressive sidecut ensure that it still grips well on hard-pack.

A do it all ski that is full of clever engineering, the Pro Mtn 86 Ti is the epitome of high-performance, power, and agility.