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Our Top All Mountain Skis

Our Top All Mountain Skis
22 November 2017 No comments

These go-anywhere do-anything skis work well in all conditions and terrain - removing the need for a quiver of skis. Generally, they are designed with slightly more tip and tail rocker for better handling and a medium waist for on and off-piste performance.

Here are our winners and runners-up for 'best in class' all mountain skis.


Vantage 90 Cti

Atomic Vantage 90 Cti
  • Radius: 16.8m (176)
  • Waist: 90mm (176)
  • Rocker: Tip/Tail

Tester’s comment

Alex (Milton Keynes) "Seamless transition from hard to soft snow. Just as comfortable leaving train tracks on a GS course as blasting through powder and crud."

Skiers who really do want to go everywhere are the ones who will benefit from the Vantage 90 Cti. Your technique doesn’t need to be perfect to use it and confident intermediates with decent control will benefit from its versatility. However, it’s advanced skiers who’ll reap the rewards of the mix of woodcore, Tankmesh and Ti Backbone 2.0.

The TankMesh is a layer of rigid material that replaces traditional fibreglass in a ski. It adds strength without adding weight, resulting in more grip and less fatigue for the skier. When flexing the ski (by hand) it feels firm, though not overly stiff. Atomic use the mesh to increase edge hold while retaining the forgiving properties of a less stiff ski.

The ski has more grip and power then you would expect, yet it handles perfectly in tricky conditions. Whether skiing slow or fast, on-piste or off it’s quite possibly the perfect all mountain ski and the ideal choice for so many British skiers who need that one ski to do everything.



Blizzard Brahma
  • Radius: 15.5m (173)
  • Waist: 88mm (173)
  • Rocker: Tip/Tail

Tester's comment

Mark (Trainer) "It charges through chop with authority and grips on hard snow like a GS ski. It's a great all-rounder for a strong skier looking for performance and versatility."

Suitable for advanced to expert skiers, the Brahma comes in to its own when there is firm snow conditions on-piste and off the side.

The engine of the ski is a Carbon Flipcore sandwiched between two lengths of Titanal. Blizzard’s manufacturing presses distribute even force across the ski for a natural flex. You receive better edge grip and stability in hard and variable snow, and smoother easier handling. In addition there is carbon at the tip and tail reducing vibrations, weight and flappy ski syndrome.

A relatively modest waist (88m), full sidewall and aggressive tip shape all aid quick edge to edge speed and impressive grip while the rocker profile provides more than enough lift and manoeuvrability in deeper snow.

A high-performance ski that is brilliant at turning and can hold its own in mixed terrain.


Black Pearl 88

Blizzard Black Pearl 88
  • Radius: 13m (159)
  • Waist: 88mm (159)
  • Rocker: Tip/Tail

Tester’s comment

Sophie (Cambridge) "Phenomenal! Looks great and performed so well with anything that ended up in front of it. Poppy, lively, responsive and grippy."

The Black Pearl 88 is supremely versatile and appeals to skiers with varying abilities. On firm snow, it feels responsive and full of energy. In soft snow, it flows in and out of turns all the time floating easily, and in choppy conditions, it is balanced and comfortable with hassle-free handling.

The 88mm waist hits the sweet-spot, providing just enough flotation in soft snow while remaining agile and nimble on-piste. The 13m radius (159cm ski) makes it a breeze to turn, with effortless initiation and release. This new version is even easier than previous models thanks to its new tip and tail shape.

Rocker at the tip and tail with camber in the middle. This reduces the pressure on the edges at the tip and tail, making turning smoother, improving flotation and handling off-piste. The camber guarantees excellent grip on firmer snow.

Carbon Flipcore WSD (Women’s Specific Design) reduces the weight without sacrificing performance by using carbon in various layers and light Poplar and Beech woods for the core. The uni-directional carbon layer is integrated into the sandwich build, keeping the ski firm as well as reducing overall weight. Carbon is also used to reinforce the fibreglass emphasising the weight saving and boost strength. This construction gives the ski a calm surfy ride all over the mountain.

This ski appeals to all mountain skiers wanting an easy handling ski that will work everywhere, whether they’re new to exploring off-piste and need that easy handling or seasoned all condition skiers not wanting a stiff model.


Vantage 90 Cti W

Atomic Vantage 90 Cti W
  • Radius: 16m (169)
  • Waist: 90mm (169)
  • Rocker: Tip/Tail

Tester’s comment

Sarah (Aviemore) "A proper all mountain ski. It's happy carving pistes all day long or you can easily go and explore for some powder stashes. Great float, easy turn initiation and tons of grip."

The Atomic Vantage 90 Cti W comes with exact same dimensions and confidence inspiring features as the men’s version. The three areas that it differs are the looks, wood core and the waist size to length ratio (in the 153 model).

Atomic use a Light Wood Core in this ski rather than a Power Wood core in the men’s. This Light Wood Core is a full poplar core that reduces the weight improving lift and handling.And when it comes to finding your skis in a rack the differentiated topsheet styling helps you spot your pair.

In the 153cm model the ski retains its signature 90mm waist. This results in a ski that is a little bit more stable in mixed terrain helping you push through crud and choppy snow.

A great ski on and off the piste, it will suit strong intermediates to advanced skiers who are looking for something that can do it all.

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