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Our Top 2021 Women's Alpine Ski Boots For Narrow Feet

Our Top 2021 Women's Alpine Ski Boots For Narrow Feet
25 October 2020

Whether buying ski boots for the first time, or if you have owned more pairs than you can count, it’s important to choose a boot that will fit as well as possible from the off. Combining excellent fit and performance, we have put together the following list of our top women’s alpine ski boots for 2021, specifically for those with narrow feet.


Women's S/Max 90 W

Salomon S/Max 90 W

The S/MAX 90 W is a performance boot that combines lightness and the very best in terms of custom fitting and comfort. The shell is lighter and more precise than the model it replaced, but the use of Coreframe ensures there is no loss of power.

Custom Shell HD provides a fast and effective fitting process, creating a personalised boot that better matches the skier’s foot. The seamless liner adds further comfort with the Calf Adjuster allowing for a variety of differently shaped lower legs to be accommodated comfortably. The Sense Amplifier cuff creates a progressive flex that is smooth and responsive, working well with the sensitivity and precision of the construction.


Women's Hawx Ultra 115 W

Atomic Hawx Ultra 95 W

The Hawx Ultra 115 W is a high-end model that is surprisingly light. It has plenty of performance thanks to the Energy Backbone that directs energy efficiently to the ski edges, and the chunky 40mm strap helps apply power to the boot.

The excellent Mimic Platinum mouldable Liner and a customisable Memory Fit shell means tweaking the boot for the best possible fit is effortless. Thinsulate insulation helps to keep toes warm on chilly mornings. It is the perfect harmony of weight, performance and personalisation.


Women's Hawx Ultra 95 W

Atomic Hawx Ultra 115 W

Sitting just below the Hawx Ultra 115 W, the 95 W is still incredibly lightweight. It has the same medium to low volume shape but thanks to the less aggressive flex it’s perfect for intermediate, advanced or lighter expert skiers.

The memory fit 3D Gold Liner provides additional customisation via a separate moulding process, with out of the box comfort thanks to the pre-formed shaping of the inner boot. Power Shift on the spine allows the forward lean and flex to be adjusted easily and, along with the dual cuff alignment, means the boot can be perfectly set to your skiing style.


Women's ProMachine 85 W

Nordica ProMachine 85 W

The Promachine has been a huge success for female intermediate skiers who want a slimmer fitting boot where comfort, performance and lightweight come together without having to include a stiff flex.

The fit works especially well straight out of the box, offering a snug hold. Infrared Technology means the shell can be adjusted with customised fitting to accommodate any little bumps or bones if necessary. To really ensure the best possible fit, the liner is heat moulded during fitting, making it snug and comfy as well as warm thanks to the PrimaLoft padding.


Women's ProMachine 95 W

Nordica ProMachine 95 W

The slightly stiffer Promachine 95 W fuses the feel and precision of a race model with all day comfort and all mountain versatility. It’s a significantly lighter boot than previous models and feels more responsive as well as offering better comfort.

The shell of the boot uses Tri Force Construction, a combination of three different plastics. The hardest one creates a rigid spine for power transmission; a softer plastic is used for the anatomical frame and provides excellent wrap and even pressure over the foot. The softest material is on the throat of the boot and results in much easier entry and exit.

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