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Our Top 2021 Women's Alpine Ski Boots For Medium Width Feet

Our Top 2021 Women's Alpine Ski Boots For Medium Width Feet
27 October 2020

A good fitting ski boot is one of the best investments you can make for improving comfort and performance when skiing. Whilst our boot fitters can fine tune boots to match your feet, it’s important that you start out with a boot that fits as best as possible out of the box. We’ve therefore compiled our top picks for 2021 Women’s Alpine ski boots, specifically suited for those with medium width feet.


Women's Hawx Prime 95 W

Atomic Hawx Prime 95

The Prolite constructed Hawx Prime 95 W appeals equally to intermediate and advanced skiers. Prolite construction means a lighter and more sensitive model without any loss of power or control. The flex is supportive but never overbearing, making it ideal for cruising as well as faster, more technical skiing.

When skiing, the boot is responsive and precise, but also light and balanced. This is thanks to the rigid chassis that provides the power and a soft plastic that wraps around the foot. This performance is brought to life by the exceptional fit and the amount of personalisation. The Memory Fit shell can be heated and moulded during fitting, adding up to an extra 6mm of space where needed.


Women's S/PRO 90 W

Salomon S/Pro 90 W

The S/PRO 90 W is a key model in our line-up of boots. Thanks to a reduction in the thickness of plastic, the boot is lightweight, but holds plenty of strength and power with the addition of a light yet very strong Coreframe. This construction ensures that the shell can be shaped precisely to produce the right mix of foot hold and comfort.

Custom Shell HD is used, meaning the boot can be moulded simply and very effectively to better match the skier’s foot. The liner is also custom-fitted too, and uses a seamless, pre-formed shape to create a comfortable feel straight out of the box. A Sense Amplifier cuff guarantees progressive feel in the boot when flexing, improving the rebound and response. It’s a boot that makes a lot of skiers very happy.


Women's Speedmachine 95 W

Nordica Speedmachine 95

The Speedmachine 95 W offers the ideal blend of performance and comfort for intermediate to advanced female skiers. With a 100mm last width, it is a fantastic choice for skiers with medium width feet.

Tri Force Construction and a pre-formed 3D Performance Fit liner give the right amount of hold for responsive skiing. An Infrared Technology shell means pressure points can be specifically targeted to create the most complimentary shape for maximum comfort. Using a softer plastic over the instep takes the struggle out of getting in and out of the boots and a PrimaLoft liner will help keep feet toasty for longer.


Women's Anthem 80 GW W

K2 Women's Anthem Ski boot

K2’s Anthem 80 MV GW takes all the tech of the high-performance versions in the range and dials it back to suit beginner, or lighter skiers.

The same Prolite Shell ensures the weight is surprisingly low and the response impressive, as well as being custom mouldable to provide the maximum comfort and the right amount of foot hold. The liner is heat moulded to the skier too, using softer materials than stiffer flexing boots and resulting in less pressure points and more all-day comfort.


Women's Panterra 95 GW W

Dalbello Panterra 95

Dalbello’s Panterra range has been building a following of happy all mountain skiers for a few seasons and the recently updated Panterra 95 GW has only accelerated the popularity. The 3-piece construction utilises a Cabrio design of shell, cuff and separate tongue and gives the boot some unique properties.

The flex is exceptionally smooth with a progressive feel and dynamic rebound. This translates to a clean power transmission and less distortion of the plastic shell when being flexed hard, meaning better ski control and more comfort. The design also allows for an effective hike mode with 50 degrees range of motion, useful for accessing harder to reach areas or just getting around resorts with less hassle.


RC4 The Curv One 105 GW W

Fischer RC4 The Curv One 105 GW W

Fischer’s RC4 The Curv One 105 will appeal to advanced skiers who are looking for a medium volume boot that doesn’t sacrifice performance or hold back on custom fitting options. By engineering the shell to be thick where it supports, and thinner where it needs to wrap, the boot is impressively light.

It uses Fischer’s unique Vacuum moulding process that forms the shell to the skier’s foot during the initial boot fit. This reduces pressure points and improves the foot hold at the same time; the comfort is further enhanced by the customisation of the heat moulded liner.

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