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Mountain Equipment Celebrates 40 Years of GORE-TEX

Mountain Equipment Celebrates 40 Years of GORE-TEX
23 November 2016 No comments

Remember The Long Hot Summer Of '76?

Neither Do The Folks At GORE-TEX®.

They didn't really notice the sun, as they were busy thinking about the wind, rain and snow, and how to make the most of an astonishing new waterproof and breathable fabric they called GORE-TEX®. They, in collaboration with Mountain Equipment, were in-fact designing the first ever GORE-TEX® jacket.

This year W.L. Gore and Mountain Equipment celebrate the 40th anniversary of the arrival of the GORE-TEX® fabric. Jackets like the original Cascade by Mountain Equipment, have been critical in setting new limits and were worn by some of the worlds most talented climbers.

Now in 2016 almost everything is different, except the partnerships that were forged in those early days between W.L. Gore, Mountain Equipment and Ellis Brigham.

Together we have all stayed true and focused.

Together, we continue to strive to give you the best gear possible for the worst weather on the planet

Cascade Jacket

The Cascade. Mountain Equipment's first ever GORE-TEX®. jacket designed back in 1976 and sold through Ellis Brigham in 1977. Thanks to Brian Davison for this one, after 34 years of active service it's earned its place in the archive.

For something a little more up to date check out Mountain Equipment's Winter 2016/17 range here .

To celebrate the 40TH anniversary of GORE-TEX® we’ve teamed up with Dave MacLeod to give you a chance to WIN an ice climbing masterclass session in Manchester & London here. Plus you can hear him speak at one of our two events this February. Take a look here.