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Keen Mens Wanderer Mid WP Boot Review

Keen Mens Wanderer Mid WP Boot Review
18 April 2017 No comments

Words by: Jason Rawles

I’m incredibly fortunate to live and work amongst the mountains of North Wales and as such I spend a lot of time on my feet. Any walking boots I wear need to be well fitting, comfortable and functional. Cost is also another consideration and how many uses I can extract from them.

One of my favourite pairs of boots is the Keen Men’s Wanderer Mid WP. While Keen are based in America they have a presence in Holland and the boots are made in Europe. Having got to know the team I am really impressed by their ethical views and support for outdoor projects such as ‘beach cleans’ and ‘community togetherness’.

Keen Wanderer Mid WP Features

Walking Boots On A Hill

The Keen Wanderer features I enjoy the most are:

  • There’re wide at the toe giving me more space. In a lot of boots I’ve had the boot tapers at the end and tends to pinch my toes. I’m no foot expert but with more space there’s more wriggle room, and I’ve not experienced any pain since I started wearing them.
  • The boots have a solid sole and grip well on wet/rocky surfaces.
  • They are not a full ankle height boot. I used to get pain in the bottom of my feet and I’m told that wearing ankle height boots all the time can restrict movement in the Achilles limiting flexibility. This pain stopped when I moved to these boots and with them being a ‘mid’, they still provide some protection.
  • Despite them being a fabric boot they are waterproof enough to withstand bog trots and boggy ground around the mountains.
  • With other boots, I’ve had to change the in-soles but not with these. They are very comfortable, it’s like walking with cushions on my feet.
  • They have a mid-to-soft flex, improving comfort.
  • The boots keep my feet cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. No doubt high-quality walking socks have a part to play but my feet were dry and comfortable.

Walking Boots On A Hill

Because these boots are so comfortable I use them for more than just mountain walks. They’re also my go to choice for:

  • Beach walks
  • Wandering around forests
  • Strolls around lakes
  • Walking dogs with friends
  • Exploring steams and waterfalls

The Keen Men’s (and women’s no doubt) Wanderer Mid WP is a superb, functional and multi-use boot that supports a wide range of adventures. Enjoy.



About the Author:

Jason Rawles - Outdoor Adventurer

GetOutside champion for Ordnance Survey, brand ambassador for Keen Footwear, adventurer and speaker Jason Rawles focuses his passion for the outdoors by looking to inspire others to challenge themselves through adventure.