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Introducing the Arcteryx Norvan SL Jacket

Introducing the Arcteryx Norvan SL Jacket
4 March 2016 No comments

Arc'teryx have unveiled the Norvan SL Hoody, the latest in their alpine trail Endorphin range. This running jacket is one of the lightest performance shells ever to hit the market - and Ellis Brigham are proud to be exclusive nationwide UK stockists.

Featuring revolutionary GORE-TEX Active with Permanent Beading Surface, the Norvan SL takes high-output minimalist protection to a new level, so we thought we'd take a closer look...

Arcteryx Norvan Hoody laid out
Everything about the Norvan SL Jacket is minimalist. There are no pockets, no straps, no superfluous features. Everything is designed to keep its weight down to a Spartan minimum. The cumulative effect of this ethos is staggering - a women's medium weighs in at just 122g.

Protection: Brand new GORE-TEX Permanent Beading Surface

This revolutionary development from GORE is unique as it does away with the outer face fabric usually found in waterproof clothing construction, with a treated and reinforced GORE-TEX Active membrane instead acting as both the breathable membrane and shell. This membrane is coupled with a highly breathable liner on the inside to protect it from dirt and skin oils. Most of the weight of a waterproof jacket is found in its face fabric, so being able to eliminate this element makes for an incredibly lightweight garment.

Gore Tex Permanent Beading Surface Close up
The Permanent Beading Surface means that when it when it rains, there is no fabric to become saturated and create a chill effect - water simply beads and shakes off instantly.


Arcteryx Norvan Hood Cinch
A cinch at the back of the hood is the only adjustable part of the Norvan SL, keeping it secure and comfortable, and out of your peripheral vision.


Arcteryx Norvan Zip
The Norvan Jacket's single waterproof zip feels rugged, chunky and durable, while a svelt chin guard at the top protects your skin from any rub.

Arcteryx Norvan Zip Chin Guard

Arcteryx Norvan Zip Close Up


Arcteryx Norvan Jacket sleeve
Elasticated cuffs on the sleeves provide a secure seal, preventing water getting in at the wrists without the need for adjustable tabs.


Arcteryx Norvan SL Jacket logo
The devil's in the detail: Arc'teryx's hallmark attention to the minutiae is everywhere you look. Every seam is welded meticulously, including the branding logo.

Norvan Jacket reflective blades
Reflective 'blades' on the back and arms provide the wearer with 360 degree visbility.


Norvan Jacket compared to an orange
In the absence of a stiff outer shell, the Norvan Jacket is exceptionally packable. It crams down to about the size of a piece of fruit effortlessly, and weighs considerably less - the stuff sack itself weighs just 4g.

In summary, the Norvan Hoody is exceptional in its class. For those seeking the ultimate ultralight running jacket, there is simply nothing else around that comes close. For those whose running takes them through all conditions, the Arc'teryx Norvan SL Jacket might just be the perfect companion.

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