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Introducing Nordisk Tents at Ellis Brigham

Introducing Nordisk Tents at Ellis Brigham
19 May 2016 No comments

Not everyone needs a tent so lightweight and compact that it could be mistaken for a shopping bag. And not every occasion demands something with ten or so compartments to banish sullen family members to. Sometimes, occasion does call for something special. A social hub. An alternative retreat. A star-gazing haven in the woods. A show-off.

Nordisk Fjer (Nordic Feather) have been making ground-breaking developments in the outdoor industry since 1901. In their fledgling years, they produced the first sleeping bags and down-related products. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength, developing backpacks, apparel and Nordisk have established themselves as a brand with an authentic heritage. With their Legacy tent range, Nordisk stay true to their Scandinavian values of clean-cut, no nonsense designs, reviving the traditional canvas bell tent.



Both tents in Ellis Brigham’s Nordisk collection use Technical Cotton; a blend of cotton and polyester. Combining the strength of man-made polyester and the natural benefits of cotton, the fabric creates a pleasant interior climate, no matter what the weather is doing outside. The close cotton weave provides excellent rain protection, while an added coating ensures any water runs straight off.

Despite their generous size, both tents are surprisingly easy to build, aided by their adjustable central pole. So you really can believe it’s as easy as the lovely people in the YouTube videos suggest.

Nordisk specify that it is important that no chemicals are applied to their Technical Cotton, which reproofing and cleaning products may contain. The strength of the cotton’s water resistance depends on its cleanliness, therefore you simply need to keep the cotton clean with a soft sponge or brush, and avoid the washing machine!



Nordisk Asgard Tent

Nordisk Asgard in the forest

In Norse mythology, Asgard is the home of the Gods. Aptly named, this tent will make you want to pitch up in an ethereal forest clearing and make this spacious tent live up to its name.
There are two sizes in Ellis Brigham’s range: 12.6m, which can fit up to 6 people, and 7.1m which can fit 3, making it the perfect family home from home. There is also an inner cabin footprint available for both sizes, ideal for 2-3 people.




  • Mesh doors and windows
  • Adjustable central pole height
  • Pole attachment points for hanging gear
  • Reinforced pole point on ground sheet
  • V-pegs with hole for added strength in sandy ground
  • High end packsack for easy packing
  • Zip in floor available
  • 15.5-16kg

Nordisk Alfheim Tent

Nordisk Alfheim in the forest

The Alfheim is inspired by the Lavvu – a tipi-like tent built by the Sami people of northern Scandinavia. Featuring a removable top that can be used for star gazing or to provide a vent for an interior campfire (if no footprint is used), this tent promises to be as magical as its namesake – the Norse home of the elves.

Up to 8 people can sleep comfortably inside, and can house many more standing, making it an ideal event tent or the hub of social gatherings for a large camping trip. Hence why Nordisk have dubbed it as ‘the ultimate show off’.




  • Mesh door and windows
  • Very easy to build
  • Entrance can be opened in half
  • Adjustable central pole height
  • Remote top ventilation from inside
  • Fits one inner cabin for 4 people
  • Footprint: 19.6m
  • Capacity: 8-10 people
  • Weight: 18kg

You need only look at a photograph of the Alfheim and Asgard in action, and those hazy daydreams of woodland, birdsong, and nights lit only by the glow of campfires start to cross your mind. They are the best of both worlds; comfort, and ample space for entertaining, all wrapped up in a well-ventilated blanket of premium cotton. These are not the tents you want for an average camping trip. Average is not Nordisk’s thing.

If it’s an unforgettable experience you’re after, look no further.