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Introducing New GORE-TEX Surround

Introducing New GORE-TEX Surround
5 February 2015 No comments

We are pleased to announce the arrival of new GORE-TEX SURROUND footwear at Ellis Brigham. Offering waterproof and breathable fabric that goes right to the sole of your footwear.

This spring sees the arrival of a brand new footwear technology: GORE-TEX Surround. Introducing 360° breathability, GORE-TEX have pushed the boundaries of footwear innovation to produce a fully breathable system, for comfort come rain or shine.

Adapted for outdoor use, GORE-TEX Surround technology extends the breathability of the footwear so moisture can escape from both above and underneath the foot, while still offering full waterproof protection.

The Surround technology revolves around a new footwear construction, which begins with a perforated insole that allows moisture from the sole of the foot to escape easily. Underneath the footbed is a waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX membrane, which protects the foot from external moisture without compromising the internal vapour transfer. Moisture then passes through into a 6mm elevated 'Spacer' which channels this out into the open construction of the footwear. Ventilation mesh side panels on the shoes allow the vapour to easily pass from the Spacer to the outside. The result is a highly breathable design that also protects the foot, making it ideal for the variable conditions found in the UK.

Gore-Tex Surround Diagram

GORE-TEX Surround technology has been championed by expert boot makers Meindl and the result is their X-SO series. Ellis Brigham are amongst the first retailers in the UK to receive delivery of Meindl’s new GORE-TEX Surround styles, offering impressive breathability and comfort in two different styles: the X-SO 70 and the X-SO 30, with both men’s and women’s versions available.

Available now, the X-SO 30 walking shoes are well suited to hiking in the warmer months. The Surround technology channels excess heat away easily, ventilated mesh uppers help keep the weight down and a reinforced toe cap protects against rocky terrain.

The X-SO 70 mid-height boots are ideal for hiking on mixed terrain. Made from velour leather and mesh uppers they balance weight, breathability and performance perfectly. The Surround technology and a durable Meindl Magic Active sole mean these boots are great for summer hiking on both wet and dry trails.

Both styles offer impressive comfort and performance levels, and with the addition of the GORE-TEX Surround technology they’re setting the standard high for lightweight hiking footwear that can perform in all conditions.