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How To Keep The Kids Entertained On A Family Camping Trip

10 June 2020
How To Keep The Kids Entertained On A Family Camping Trip

Heading off on a family camping holiday can be the most rewarding type of holiday for both you and the kids. Fresh air, exercise, and adventure are quite literally at your door but it’s important to be organised so you can make the most of it, that way you’ll all benefit from a few great nights of unbroken slumber.

Campsite Responsibilities

child carrying basket

When you arrive at the campsite you’ll likely have been in the car for a while, they’ll have some energy to burn off so get them involved in setting up camp. Whether it’s sitting on the tent so it doesn’t blow away before you get the poles in or passing pegs while you hammer them in, it’ll make them feel included and useful.

For the older kids ask them, within reason, to go and find where to get the drinking water, store the ice packs or take the waste and recycling. Generally speaking, it shouldn’t take them long or far away but it will give them a sense of responsibility. If that isn’t possible, get them to do smaller tasks like setting the table and chairs up, it keeps them close by but gives them something to do.

Camp By The Park

Child on swing

If you don’t have day trips planned for each day then try and camp on a campsite with a play park. Camping by the play park will allow you to relax or go about your day peacefully while always being able to keep an eye on the kids while they play. It will also allow them to integrate with other kids, make friends and develop their confidence.

If camping by a play park isn’t an option, make sure they have plenty of safe space to play games or run around and let their imagination take over. It’s amazing how much fun can be made when the possibilities are endless and it’ll give them a rest from tablets and TV screens.


shells on the beach

Put aside a little time beforehand to help them create a checklist of things they might want to see or collect while they are away, especially things that they can’t necessarily replicate at home. If you know you are going to be visiting a beach add things to the list that they are likely to find in rock pools or by the water line. Shells are always interesting and colourful finds too.

If you are heading to the hills try and think of things they might see along the trails, unusual wildlife as well as flowers or rock formations. Collecting and identifying different types of fallen leaves can be fun and are great for arts and crafts once home.

This could be turned into a mission, they can’t go home until they have ticked everything off the list, if that’s not feasible add whatever they didn’t find to the list for the next trip.

Day Trips

hilly scene with adult and child walking down a lane

Day trips are a great way to spend time engaging with the kids. It’ll give them something to look forward to and hopefully, they’ll learn something from each and every one. Attractions such as UNESCO sites and organised activities like horse riding can be expensive but are often worth it to see their excitement at seeing and trying new things.

Alternatively, beaches, hills and national parks are usually free, will allow them to exercise their imagination a little more and are bursting with things to look at whatever the weather is doing. All great opportunities for a photo moment so you can add to the family gallery.

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