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How To Have A Stress Free Family Camping Trip

27 July 2021 No comments
How To Have A Stress Free Family Camping Trip

Words and images by: Tim Meek

The stresses of modern life; work, school, ubiquitous technology, 24-7 connectivity and constantly trying to keep up with the Joneses – can be all too, well … stressful to say the least.

But fear not, there’s a remedy and it’s surprisingly cheap, accessible, and natural… camping!

That’s right, this traditional British pastime is downright good for you… and your little cherubs.

You see, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that a break from tech, homework and our virtual lives can reboot our body clocks, reset our circadian rhythms and even reconnect us to nature and our families.

But before you rush out in pursuit of your own camping ‘Paradise’, here are a few tips to make that family camping experience more pleasure than pressure.

Camping advice for novice / young campers

The priority for any newbie camper – young or old – is to make it enjoyable, comfortable and positive. Follow this check list and you won’t go far wrong:

    • Keep warm, dry and comfortable
      The nights can be chilly, and it’s no fun being wet (unless you’re swimming) so take plenty of warm layers, get everyone into a warm sleeping bag, and make sure your tent is up to the temperamental British weather. Use roll mats, lilos or even a full blown mattress – whatever it takes to be comfortable!
    • Pitch somewhere flat
      A flat pitch is really important for a good night’s sleep – especially for a first timer – so take the time to pick a level pitch (preferably without mole hills).

A Tent And Caravan
    • Access to facilities
      The dreaded ‘I need to pee’ feeling in the night is no fun for anyone – especially if they are on the side of a mountain and miles away from a toilet – so, make sure newbies, youngsters and people with weak bladders are in sight of the campsite’s facilities.
    • Get them involved
      Kids and newbies will buy into camping much more if they are actively involved. So, delegate jobs: fetching water, banging in tent pegs, getting bedrooms arranged – your campers will feel more engaged, prepared and confident for it (and you’ll have a bit of time to sit and open a cold one).

Kids Playing At A Campsite
  • Games and Playtime
    A huge positive and natural outcome of family camping is the amount of time you will spend together. You get a chance to do the important things that tend to get squeezed out of the normal day - talking and listening (and I mean proper listening) to each other, smiling and laughing together, playing games together etc. If there is one thing that camping can ensure, without cost or complication, is that quality family time has a metaphorical and actual space to happen.

So switch off your electronic devices, stay calm, and snuggle into your sleeping bag for a good night’s sleep with your loved ones.

Happy camping!

tim meek

About the Author:

Tim Meek - Do Try This At Home

Blogging as DoTryThisAtHome, Tim Meek and his family sold their home in 2014 to pursue a life of 'ed-venture', teaching their children Amy and Ella through a life of travel and outdoor experiences.

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