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How To Get On And Off A Magic Carpet - 3 Tips

20 February 2020
How To Get On And Off A Magic Carpet - 3 Tips

Our partners, New Generation, have produced a series of how-to videos for first-time skiers. They have 20 years’ experience in helping people develop their technique, build confidence, and have fun on the slopes.

The magic carpet is a conveyor belt which helps skiers up the beginner's slope. This video will teach you how to get on and off the magic carpet with 3 quick tips.

How To Get On and Off a Magic Carpet - 3 Tips

  • Step 1: Unhook your poles and hold them both in the same hand.
  • Step 2: Slowly shuffle your skis forward onto the magic carpet and remain still.
  • Step 3: At the end, lean forward and keep your skis parallel, letting the carpet gently push you off.

Now, you should be able to safely make your way up the beginner's slope. If you would like any more information on first-time skiing, check out New Generation's Learn to ski page.

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