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Edelrid Bulletproof Range Review 2018

15 August 2018
Edelrid Bulletproof Range Review 2018

A hybrid of stainless steel/ aluminium alloy carabiner, the new Edelrid Bulletproof range is sure to be an addition to racks everywhere.

It was developed for climbers all over who wanted the lightness of aluminium but with the strengths of steel. The result is a carabiner that takes advantage of what both metals have to offer to create an exceptional all-round package.

Key Features

  • Robust hybrid karabiner
  • Steel insert prevents premature wear from rope friction or bolt hangers
  • H-Profile construction ensures best strength to weight ratio
  • Clean keylock nose allows optimal handling when clipping and unclipping
  • Ergonomic gate design for easier clipping

Bulletproof Range

  • Bent- 54g
  • Straight- 54g
  • Screw- 60g
  • HMS Screw- 82g
  • HMS Screw FG- 84g
  • Quickdraw 12cm- 118g
  • Quickdraw 18cm- 124g