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Campsite Cooking With A Stove

30 May 2017 No comments
Campsite Cooking With A Stove

Image source: Lisa Lowenborg

Outdoor cooking can be great fun and tasty too! Unless you’re walking far and don’t want to carry much weight, leave the freeze dried food at home and follow these tips from Primus instead.

The iconic Swedish stove brand knows what it takes to make great food outdoors, and by following these tips you’ll get a delicious meal while reducing your fuel use too – good news for your wallet and the environment alike!

A Pan With Food In It
  • Choose food that cooks quickly and is also filling, such as pasta, but don’t be afraid to be more adventurous.
  • Spices are key. Carry your favourite spices in a small container to add extra zing to your dishes.
  • Small pieces are better. Cut food into small pieces to reduce the cooking time.
  • Select the right pan size. For instance, don’t use a small pan on a large burner.
  • Aluminium pots with a heat exchanger are the most efficient. Together they shorten both boiling time and fuel consumption by about a third.
  • Gas is good. Gas needs no preheating and is more efficient than liquid fuels.
  • Protect the stove from the wind. Place it out of the wind and use the windshield.
  • Put the lid on. Things cook quicker with the lid on.
  • Take food off the boil close to finishing and place in an insulated bag, or leave on the hot burner with the lid on and let the food continue to cook without using excessive amounts of fuel.
  • Save the heat. If you get an excess of hot water, save it in a vacuum flask for the next meal or a cup of tea. 

Primus Essential Pot Set 1.3L

Primus Essential Pot Set 1.3L
  • Hard anodised aluminium frying pan with non-stick coating
  • Pot gripper
  • Frying pan doubles as a lid
  • Weight: 858g
  • Capacity: 1.3 L
  • Dimensions: 19.8cm x 7.9cm

Made from aluminium these lightweight 1.3 litre pots spread the heat well, while the hard anodised aluminium frying pan comes with the benefit of a non-stick coating. It's an ideal set for those looking to start cooking outdoors.