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Brand Focus Hydro Flask

Brand Focus Hydro Flask
17 May 2017 No comments


Living in one of the outdoor hubs of America; Bend, Oregon, the founders of Hydro Flask spent a lot of time outside enjoying their natural playground. But for all their experience, they were frustrated by a lack of lightweight drinks containers that would be at home both in the mountains (keeping tea hot), or the desert (chilling water), so they decided to design their own revolutionary fully insulated flask.

Launching the first ever Hydro Flask in 2009, it soon became popular across America and sold over a million units in the first two years. With investment into the company and more staff they started to look at solving other everyday problems. This resulted in the four areas of products they produce today, hydration, beer, food and coffee.

Tech and Products

In order to make their flask one of the thinnest and lightest on the market, whilst still offering excellent insulation, they needed to re-think the vacuum flask.

Dating back to 1892, the vacuum flask is one flask placed within another and the air between them removed. This vacuum reduces the rates at which liquids can dissipate heat or cold to the outside of the flask.

Historic and Present-Day Vacuum Flask

Hydro Flask developed Tempshield technology which allowed them remove build the flask without a heavy seal at the bottom. In addition to this, a special vacuum process helps create a better vacuum, enabling the space between the walls to be thinner without inhibiting insulating performance.

They also addressed an issue that affects almost all vacuum flasks: the lid. This is the most inefficient part of the flask because the vacuum doesn't exist here, Hydro flask came up with an ingenious solution to this - a honeycomb lid. This design traps mini pockets of air within it to maintain the internal temperature for as long as possible.

A bottle lid


The team at Hydro Flask have a love for all things outdoors and enabling others to enjoy it is a main pillar of their brand ethos. For this reason they started their Parks For All organisation.

“Parks for All provides grants to non-profit organisations focused on building, maintaining, restoring, or providing better access to parks.”

A woman sat above a valley

Image source: @annikabbauer

Some of the better known recipients of such grants include Oregon State Parks Foundation, Pacific Crest Trail Association and Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

What's Next for Hydro Flask?

Ambitious as ever, they hope to expand their product line in the four categories mentioned earlier and increase flask stockist locations for customers in Europe and the Rest of the World to enjoy. Hydro Flask also plan to increase the influence of Parks for All continuing their development and protection of public spaces.

So why not grab a flask, get outside and join them on their mission to save the world from lukewarm?

A woman sat above a valley

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