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Brand Chat: Salomon Skis

Brand Chat: Salomon Skis
22 December 2014 No comments

Welcome to the first of our 'Brand Chats'! During this series of blogs, we're asking the guys behind the tech what innovations their brand is bringing to the market and how they enhance your experience on the slopes.

In this Brand Chat, we speak to Pete and Scott from Salomon Skis about what we should be looking for this season...

Pete Waghorn, Salomon Sales Rep GB
Scott Lumsden, Salomon Product Marketing Manager Alpine Skis

EB: The X-Drive range features some of the most popular skis (at a variety of price points from low to high) over the last few seasons, why do you think this is?
Pete: The majority of skiers are looking for a ski that can handle lift accessed piste and some off-piste territory. The X-Drive range offers 3 levels of performance to match the experience and expectations of many skiers and customers are able to lock into a model that most fits their needs. I choose X-Drive 8.0 FS in 168cm.

EB: X-Drive skis feature some new and exciting technologies for this winter, can you talk us through some of them?
Pete: X-Chassis is the new power house found at the heart of X-Drive skis and this provides incredible edge grip along with improved power; this is achieved through strategically placed diagonal carbon-fibre reinforcement. Elastomer pads that are placed within the ski construction at the ends of the X-Chassis filter out unwanted bumps and shocks. Add to that Rocker Stabilization (RKS) which is a 3D composite fibre reinforcement placed in contact zones either side of the Rocker tip and tail. This provides precise steering so the ski will not be deflected from its chosen path and also helps to filter out vibration.

EB: The majority of skis in the X-Drive range sit around 80mm in the waist with sub 17m turn radii, what is it that makes this kind of dimension such a popular choice?
Scott: Yes the 80mm waist width is s key footprint within the X-Drive range as it is the most appealing and versatile width for those skiers looking for a true all-mountain frontside ski. As you move through the range the skis have added features dropped in.

EB: Salomon is well known for innovations and their free spirit, characteristics that sit very well with new Rocker2 100 ski. When you are planning a new ski, what are the first steps, how do you decide what it is you want to do?
Scott: The process in developing a new ski model is one that can take several years. We first look at the consumer needs and how the sport is evolving. The Rocker2 100 is a model that allows the skier to explore powder and still perform very well on piste. It is also a great 1 ski quiver for those that want to spend some time in the terrain park as well as skiing off piste.