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Black Diamond Jetforce Software Update

Black Diamond Jetforce Software Update
7 December 2017 No comments

Black Diamond are encouraging owners of their Jetforce avalanche airbags to have the software updated before the winter season kicks in. The update fixes known bugs as well as introducing new features to optimise the performance of the packs.

Update 1.2 will be available for the following packs:

  • Those without a serial number
  • All serial numbers before 162480056590
  • Serial Numbers From 163480157217 to 1634801573180

New Features & Improvements

  • Introduces a 'storage mode' for the unit, drastically reducing the current drawn when out of use for long periods, prolonging battery life.
  • Activation, self-test, and motor control systems optimised
  • Fixes a bug that caused an incorrect battery level reading to show after long term storage

The update is free of charge and available at Black Diamond Service Partners.
UK Service Partner:
BD Warranty, Bradshaw Taylor Ltd
16 Mill Street, Oakham,
Rutland, LE15 6EA
+44 1572 772511

International service partner information can be found here.