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Airline Hand Luggage Sizes 2017

Airline Hand Luggage Sizes 2017
7 July 2017 No comments

For the minimalist traveller, knowing and comparing hand luggage allowances can tip the balance of which airline you choose to fly with, so we thought we'd put together a handy table of carry-on luggage limits so you can easily make your decision.

These allowances have been compiled from the airlines information available at the time (July 2017) and can be subject to change. It's always worth double checking the airline's website before departing for the airport to save any nasty shocks at the start of your trip!

Airline Hand Luggage Dimensions 2017


Hand Baggage Dimensions

Hand Baggage Weight Limits

Aer Lingus 55x40x24 10kg
Air Berlin 55x40x23 8kg (10kg with laptop)
Air France 55x35x25 12kg
American Airlines 56x36x23 23kg (must be able to lift into overhead compartment)
Austrian Airlines 55x40x23 8kg
British Airways 56x45x25 23kg (plus a latop or handbag)
BMI (Regional) 55x40x23 12kg
EasyJet 56x45x25 No weight specified
Emirates 55x38x20 7kg (economy class)
Fly-Be 55x35x20 (including wheels and handles) 10kg
Jet2.com 56x45x25 10kg
KLM 55x35x25 12kg (plus a latop or handbag)
Lufthansa 55x40x23 8kg
Norwegian Airlines 55x40x23 10kg (LowFare, Lowfare+, Premium)
Qantas 56x36x23 7kg
Ryan Air 55x40x20 10kg
SAS 55x40x23 8kg
Singapore Airlines 55x40x20 7kg
Swiss Air 55x40x23 8kg
Virgin Atlantic 56x36x23 10kg
Wizz Air 42x32x25 10kg

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