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6 Inspirational Bouldering Videos

6 Inspirational Bouldering Videos
23 April 2018 No comments

All the great bouldering climbers possess the integral four attributes: strength, technique, mental toughness and problem solving. Attaining one, let alone all of these is a challenge in its own right. If you want to improve in any of these areas, you're going to need the determination and perseverance to get out there and train, practice and challenge yourself. So what better way to get motivated for your next session than watching some of the world’s best in their element.

Alex Megos

Lucid Dreaming

This man is a beast. One of the most entertaining and talented climbers around, he prefers climbing outdoors and you can hear his delight at topping out one of the world’s hardest problems in California.

Video source: Red Bull

Ashima Shiraishi

A Strong Mind

Already competing in and winning adult climbing competitions, Ashima Shiraishi is probably the best boulderer in the world for her age and has the potential to become one of the climbing greats if she continues to develop at her current rate.

Video source: The North Face

Daniel Woods

Te Cuelges Guey v13

The North Face athlete, Daniel Woods show us why he is one of the world's best problem solvers getting inverted in conquering this V13.

Adam Ondra

A Day In The Life

Adam Ondra balances training with school and his studies - showcasing the determination it takes to become the best.

Video source: Epic Tv

Dave MacLeod

His First 8C Boulder

Dave Macleod proves that you’re never too old to improve; letting us know how he completed his first ever 8C problem at the age of 37.

Video source: Mountian Equipment

Shauna Coxey

World Cup Meiringen 2017

If you have a few hours spare, why not watch Shauna Coxey’s impressive return (after her shoulder injury and operation) to the Bouldering World Cup.

Video source: IFSC

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