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5 Tents For Festivals & Future Adventures

5 Tents For Festivals & Future Adventures
14 May 2019

When buying your festival tent this year, it’s important to remember that tents suitable for festivals are equally suitable for other adventures too. You don’t have to buy the cheapest tent on the market to go to your favourite festival, if you do you certainly shouldn’t be leaving it behind at the end of the weekend, only to head home and buy another tent for your next festival or adventure.

By buying the right tent, and with a little care and attention, you can get many years, miles and smiles out of the same tent, which is considerably cheaper in the long run but most importantly, much better for the environment. Our buyers have highlighted this selection of tents in particular because they are perfect for a huge range of adventures from festivals, to backpacking, to family camping and everything in between.

Vango Soul 300 Tent - £69

Vango Soul 300 Tent

With its simple tunnel structure, the Vango Soul 300 Tent is quick and easy to put up and has enough space to sleep 3 people, 2 people if you like more space to yourself.

The durable fabrics and sturdy poles are hard wearing to ensure the weather stays on the outside. It also boasts a Lights Out inner which will reduce the early morning light so you can sleep in a little longer if you want to. A small porch at the front is a great place to stash muddy wellies or walking boots while you rest up for tomorrow’s activities.

When it’s time to go home the whole thing will pack down into the carry bag with ease and weighing in at less than 3 kgs you can plan your next adventure with it as you carry it back to the car.

Vango Beta 450 XL Tent - £199

Vango Beta 450XL Tent

Another simple tunnel structure from Vango, the Beta 450XL is quick and easy to put up, this one is a fair step up in size than the above and able to sleep 4 people comfortably.

A large porch is ideal for stashing wet kit and excess baggage (who’s bringing the beer truck?) but can also be used by shade seekers when both entrance doors are opened for a constant flow of air. Vango’s Lights Out inner tent keeps that morning light at bay a little longer when you aren’t quite feeling yourself and the Tension Band System (TBS II) offers a little more stability in windier conditions making it perfect for a trip to the coast.

Vango’s FastPack compression stuff sack makes it easy to pack away and while it is on the heavier side for carrying back to the car after your festival, just under 8 kgs, you can split this between the occupants of the tent to make the long walk a little easier on yourself.

MSR Elixir 2 Tent - £264

MSR Elixir 2 Tent

The Elixir 2 from MSR sleeps 2 people and while it might look more complicated to put up than a tunnel tent, after putting it up once you’ll realise it’s actually even easier.

It boasts two sturdy aluminium poles that clip to the well-ventilated inner tent while the durable flysheet sits in position over the top and clips in at the end of the poles ready to be pegged into position. Two generous vestibules mean there is plenty of space for each person to get in and out of the tent without disturbing the other. Small storage shelves in the canopy of the inner come in handy for stashing sunglasses and your torch safely and clever rain drains at the doors help to reduce the amount of rain that gets into your tent and porch area when they are open.

Weighing little over 2kgs there really is no excuse to leave this tent behind at the end of your festival, instead, you’ll be thinking of all the possibilities that have opened up to you now that you have a comfortable home for two that you can carry pretty much anywhere… Trip to Scotland anyone?

The North Face Homestead Domey 3 Tent - £249.99

The North Face Homestead Domey 3 Tent

Suitable for up to 3 people the Homestead Domey 3 Tent from The North Face has definitely been designed with all kinds of trips in mind rather than just festivals.

A spacious inner can be fully opened up with large doors on each of the 3 sides, this also means each person can get in and out without disturbing the others - something you don’t often find in a 3 person tent. A mesh skylight provides extra ventilation on warm, dry nights and will frame the canopy of stars on display above you but there is a waterproof cover to offer protection if you need it.

It all packs down easily into a carry bag and it weighs in at 3.6kgs which shouldn’t be too difficult to carry back to the car, no matter how hard you partied the night before.

Nordisk Asgard 12.6, 6 Person Tent - £649.99

Nordisk Asgard 12.6 Tent

Sleeping 6 people comfortably, the Asgard 12.6 Tent from Nordisk airs on the more luxurious side of our range of tents but the comfort and space that you get with it makes it all worthwhile.

Its typical bell tent style means there is just a single pole to the centre along with an A-frame pole at the doorway so all you need to do then is peg it out and enjoy the space. There are zipped ventilation panels around the edge, each with a built-in bug net and an additional net at the doorway further helps to keep bugs out. It is made with highly durable fabric and offers excellent protection from all elements of the weather.

A heavier tent for festivals, it weighs a considerable 16kgs which can’t easily be split out with the group due to the large volume of fabric in the canopy, that said a comfy rucksack or even a wheeled sack truck will make light work for the reward at stake. A fantastic and luxurious glamping tent that will keep you exploring the outdoors for many years ahead, whether for festivals, holiday adventures or family time in the garden.

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