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5 Of The Best Head Lamps

5 Of The Best Head Lamps
8 January 2013 No comments

If you greatly increase your carrot consumption at this time of year, then you'll possibly have no difficulty in navigating your way through the winter darkness, but for the rest of us a headlamp is going to be a vital bit of winter kit: whether it's helping you get safely back off the hill in the fading light of dusk, or lighting the way for a night run.

The headlamp you'll need will depend largely on what activity you'll be doing. You'll need to make sure that the headlamp you choose is capable of delivering the level of lighting required to illuminate your target area, be it the trail in front of your feet or the end of a rope during an abseil.

Light intensity, how far a headlamp can project a usable light and battery life will be key considerations, but you will also want to consider size, weight and functionality. Many headlamps have different lighting levels which will allow you to adapt the light to suit the situation, for example proximity lighting for close work or a far reaching beam for distance vision.

To help with your selection we've picked out 5 of the best headlamps for popular activities to make sure you stay focused after dark.

Mountaineering: Petzl Nao

The Nao is set to revolutionise hands-free lighting with its innovative new Reactive Lighting technology. Maximum lumens: 355, maximum distance: 108m & average battery life: 8hrs (varies with light modes)

Trail Running: Petzl Myo RXP

The recipient of several Trail awards most recently 'Best In Test' winner (Trail, February 2013) calling it a 'Modern classic that does everything most hillwalkers and campers will need'. Maximum lumens: 160, maximum distance: 97m and maximum battery life: 95hrs

Climbing: Black Diamond Spot

With a battery life of up to 200hrs, maximum lumens: 90 and maximum distance of 70m, the Spot offers a powerful blend of long and close range lighting to meet the needs of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts.

Hiking: Petzl Tikka Plus2

The Tikka Plus2 integrates two light sources for maximum trail,versatility. Maximum Lumens: 70, maximum distance: 40m & maximum battery life: 155hrs

General use/Back-up headlamp: Black Diamond Gizmo

The Gizmo is a compact, lightweight, affordable headlamp with plenty of features. The Gizmo features 2 SinglePower LEDs with full strength, dimming and strobe settings to give adaptable lighting for proximity work. Maximum lumens: 35, maximum distance: 15m and maximum battery life: 72hrs