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5 of Our Favourite Ski Boots For 2017

5 of Our Favourite Ski Boots For 2017
13 January 2017 No comments

Whether you prefer backcountry touring, lapping the park or cruising down the piste any ski boots that improve your comfort, endurance or performance are welcome. We've a huge choice, but here are five highlights to get you started.


Men's X Pro 120

  • Stiffness 120
  • Last Width 100-106mm
  • Velcro Strap 45mm
  • Last Width 100-106mm
  • Custom Liner Yes
  • Custom Shell Yes

A fully customisable boot built for speed, the X Pro 120 suits intermediate to advanced skiers who like to go fast.

The new Twinframe 2 construction is lighter and features varied depth at different parts of the shell. It is thicker where more force is exerted and thinner in places that receive less stress, improving comfort. Heated up and then allowed to cool slowly the 360 degree Custom Shell moulds to your foot. The inner liner can also be heated and moulded to your foot for a better fit.

Apart from the fit, the boots offer excellent performance - oversized pivots reduce torsion, increasing power, while a 45mm Powerstrap holds your foot securely.


Women's Speedmachine 105

  • Stiffness 105
  • Last Width 100mm
  • Velcro Strap 35mm
  • Last Width 100-106mm
  • Custom Liner Yes
  • Custom Shell Yes

Lauded for its highly customisable fit, the award-winning Speedmachine is perfect for the all mountain charger. Being the second stiffest model in the Nordica women’s line you still get plenty of power and precision.

Constructed utilising a Tri-fit concept, the boot has an infrared fit shell, 3D cork liner and movable ratchets. Any pressure points that may exist can be removed by applying infrared heat to the specific area and adjusting the shell. The cork liner holds your ankle and foot in place and transfers energy in to the ski edge better than lower density foam. New and improved movable ratchets provide even more comfort and a solid fit.


Women's ML-3 W

  • Stiffness 0
  • Last Width 101mm
  • Velcro Strap 0mm
  • Last Width 100-106mm
  • Custom Liner Yes
  • Custom Shell No

The comfort of a snowboard boot with the performance of a traditional shell ski boot; sound too good to be true? Well, Apex have performed a near miracle in producing their ML-3 W. It is a fully heat-moulded boot with boa lacing system which is secured inside a stiff spine/heel and toe piece using hybrid buckles.

Walking around in it, the boot flexes with your foot, and a grippy tread makes light work of stairs or icy roads. Once strapped in to the exoskeleton the 18 points of closure hold you into the binding letting as you deliver power down to the piste.

This boot has been designed specifically for women rather than just adapted from a male model with the inner cuff being anatomically built for female legs. If you have ever struggled with painful boots this may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Full Tilt

Drop Kick

  • Stiffness 0
  • Last Width 99mm
  • Velcro Strap 40mm
  • Custom Liner Yes
  • Custom Shell No

Lightweight, forgiving and stylish, the Full Tilts are an established favourite amongst freestyle skiers and 2017's model looks like it is going to be a popular as ever.

For a modern boot it may seem strange that it is using a design that is decades old but there is more than one good reason Full Tilt keep using it. The customisable tongue opens out for easy entry and exit and because there is no overlapping, the shell weight is kept to a minimum. You can select the stiffness of the tongue to suit your skiing style and a ribbed tongue flexes with your ankle minimising shin bang. Another shin saver is the rubber layer in the sole of the boot, it helps absorb any heavy landings and energy sapping vibrations.

Full of weight saving parts the boots have a thin intuition liner, light nylon ratchets and a cable system for a secure even fit - avoiding pressure points. Traditional canting and lean can also be easily adjusted to further improve performance and fit.


Procline Carbon Support

  • Weight 1260g (half pair, 27.5)
  • R.O.M. 75°
  • Standard Tech

The perfect blend of agility and power the Arc’teryx Proclines represent the future in ski touring boots. The first thing you see when looking at this boot is the revolutionary carbon fibre upper cuff. A combination of a carbon fibre exoskeleton and snowproof gaiter, it can hinge vertically (75) and rotate laterally (23 – 12). This extra flexibility aids alpine climbing and off camber skinning. Then when you want to descend the cuff locks into a rigid position and a power strap adds further control.

Ski boots may be a new venture for Arc’teryx but they have decked out these boots with proven and tested technology, certified pin inserts and double compound Vibram outsoles from Dynafit. Other notable components include the climbing-friendly 3D rubber toe caps, thermoformable liner for comfort and a two buckle and cable system.

For more info about ski boots have a look at our ski boot buying guide or drop into one of our stores.

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