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5 Essential Products For Kids On The Trail

5 Essential Products For Kids On The Trail
29 March 2018 No comments

Hiking isn’t just a great pastime; it's also the perfect way to introduce your kids to the outdoors. However, when competing against cartoons and toys, exploring the outdoors doesn’t stand up too well... that is until they’ve had a great day out.

To help ensure the whole family enjoys themselves, we've compiled a list of gear that will make your kids' day on the trail a little bit easier.

The North Face

Youth Sun Stash Hat

It’s important to keep your kids protected in the sun - with sun cream and protective clothing. The temperamental UK weather means that unfortunately, the sun can disappear as fast as it has appeared. Luckily, this sun hat packs away in a convenient stash pouch for easy storage, and it also has a reversible design so they can choose their own favourite side.


Cross Country S3

Having little legs is exhausting, so you will likely end up carrying your toddler for part of the journey. A child carrier allows them to rest along the route, sit comfortably and enjoy the scenery. Although this does mean a little more work for you, you’ll find that the back system comfortably distributes the weight so it shouldn’t cause any discomfort.

Target Dry


Woe betide anyone foolish enough to head out on a family walk without a set of waterproofs, especially for the little ones. Target Dry’s range of waterproofs offer excellent value for money for the whole family and are the perfect insurance policy on days when the weather is looking a little hit-and-miss.


Kids' Bodyfit 200 L/S Oasis Crew

A downsized version of the adult’s top, this base layer is ideal for cooler days. Merino wool helps to keep your little explorer dry, warm and comfortable while also being odour resistant making it perfect for things like camping or other extended times spent outdoors.


Kids' Chameleon Mid Lace WP

Growing kids need the correct footwear to avoid pain and injuries, especially when it comes to long walks. So having a good pair of walking boots is a must. Merrell’s kids’ Chameleon walking boots are cut at ankle height for better support and stability. They are also waterproof, breathable and odour-resistant; making them ideal for hikes in the hills or rainy days in the city.